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planview logoOverview Presentation

Planview is an enterprise resource and portfolio management software for IT, product development, finance and services. It is a system that allows the users to see opportunities, prioritize, and use limited resources such as people and finances to where it matters most for the company. The reality is that owners and senior management have to make important decisions regarding which projects to take, weigh advantages and disadvantages, and prioritize efforts with limited resources on a regular basis. Without the needed tools, people can be at a loss, make poor decisions and suffer the economic consequences.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Enterprise-wide visibility, End-to-end solutionPlanview Enterprise provides complete solution beginning with intake, planning, execution, and up to delivery. Whether they are projects, applications, products, or investments, users are able to integrate the different phases so that data remain relevant and help users make trade-offs and adjustments as often as needed. It can capture demand, prioritize portfolios, optimize capacity, link plans to execution and manage end-to-end financials.
  • Insight Analytics and Reporting – This resource and portfolio management software has rich analytics and reporting capabilities. Users can readily access information, visualize data, share it with others, and make better decisions for the business. Highly visual metrics help them determine if action is needed within the portfolio. An intuitive, scalable interface allows users to build views and tables easily with wizard-based approach. Drill down reporting and guided analytics help visualize business information including big data. Users can easily create ad hoc reports, adapt to custom processes and controls, and access the system through Microsoft Outlook, Excel or SharePoint, whether from the desktop or iPad.
  • Tailored solutions, Integrations and Deployment options – Planview Enterprise is suitable for several settings such as for information technology, product development, finance, and services. OpenSuite Integrations allow the software to share data and improve collaboration across systems, people and departments either through connectors or productized integrations. Also, users have the option to use Enterprise Cloud, a SaaS-based solution, or deploy on-premise, or use a combination of both.

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Planview Enterprise pricing depends on several configuration factors. The also offer services such as the Rapid Portfolio Management Implementation Solutions, PRISMS Enablement, and different levels of customer support programs. To get a free price quote, contact them directly through their official email address.

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Target Market

Planview Enterprise resource and portfolio management software is ideal but not limited to IT, product development, finance and services companies. It is valuable to owners and decision makers who need the right information to choose which opportunities and demands will their limited resources prioritize.

Supported Languages

The software supports English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Eurotunnel, Kathrein, NASCO, Physicians Mutual, University of Michigan, Zurich, University of Utah Healthcare, Family Dollar, and Arizona State University.

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Jean Brunier of Eurotunnel Group stated that they would no longer be able to function without Planview, which was able to transform their IT and ensure that projects and portfolios are mapped to strategy and goals.

Walter Witschard of Zurich described as significant cost savings and improved user experience the result of their transition to the software.

Why Planview

Planview resource and portfolio management software help customers become more innovative, provide higher levels of service, and improve financial performance by optimizing their limited resources and making informed decisions confidently amidst multiple factors.

Company Info

Planview, Inc., is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1989 by chairman of the board Patrick Durbin, it has become a leader in portfolio management and resource management, and has grown significantly as a company with offices across the US, Europe and Asia. For over 24 years, the company has focused on portfolio management, resource management and innovation in these fields. Now, it has more than 500+ customers across the globe and recognized as a leader. In 2007, it has acquired Business Engine, a San Francisco-based company focused in IT portfolio management. In December 2013, the company received significant investment from Insight Venture Partners, which will be used to advance its position as a product leader, promote its cloud offering as well as for acquisitions.

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