Planview Clarizen Software Review for 2022

Planview logoPlanview Clarizen is a scalable project management software that delivers a complete business solution to simplify work and accomplish goals. It helps teams and organizations improve visibility and increase accountability. The software supports different work styles and hybrid methodologies to provide autonomy and empowerment. Users are able to proactively re-align and take action with the help of purposeful collaboration and real-time information.

Planview Clarizen Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

Automated Workflow Project Management

Planview Clarizen One combines project management, configurable workflow automation, and in-context collaboration. It has dashboards, highly configurable UI, customizable project workflow, and seamless integrations with task management apps that allow users to configure the software to their business. Users can share discussions, emails, files, and links across internal and external stakeholders. It also has centralized digital proofing and approval processes that helps keep users in sync. Other features include data-driven resource and financial management workspaces, Slide Publisher that automatically generate real-time status reports in PowerPoint, and time and expense tracking.

Simple Task Management

Planview Clarizen Go is a task management software for marketing teams, development teams, IT teams, and professional service teams. It has multiple boards that let teams stay organized and manage different projects, teams, customers, or products. They can customize every board with a unique flow that works the same way their team does, allowing them to adjust the workflow at any time for last minute changes. It integrates seamlessly with Planview Clarizen One so teams are free to work the way they want to while increasing visibility into their progress. Other features include a centralized view, consolidated status, Scrum boards, Kanban boards, progress tracking, and file management. The software also has a feature for milestones, in-context comments, easy administration, and guest access.

PPM, Resource Management, Panels, and more

Planview Clarizen allows users to manage project portfolios with a centralized yet flexible approach where they can score, size, and organize requests to align them with business priorities. Project prioritization enables them to deploy available resources optimally without overloading. Users can create reports, dashboards, calendars, and other visuals to show health of projects, resources, and business operations. Planview Clarizen Panels are customizable windows or pages that users can embed on their screen. They can visualize any internal or external data, embed as a panel, or build as a module to display all mission critical information they need to get work done quickly and easily. It accepts URL, HTML code, javascript, and can access data fields, related items, customization functions, and web APIs to integrate all types of information. Other new features are Planview Clarizen work chat bots in MS Teams or Slack that increase engagement and interactive Gantt charts.

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Planview Clarizen Pricing

Planview Clarizen offers 2 editions, the Enterprise edition and the Unlimited edition. Both editions offer unlimited number of projects, portfolios, programs, and number of cases. The Unlimited edition offers more customization features and other advanced capabilities. Those interested can request for pricing by filling up an online form. It offers a free 30-day trial period.

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Planview Clarizen Target Market

Planview Clarizen is ideal for mid-sized to large enterprises. It is a valuable tool for project managers, IT, professional services, marketing, C-suite, and other function teams across many industry sectors.

Supported Languages

Supports English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional)

Some of their Clients

Clients include Xtrac, Siemens Energy, Macadamian, ANZCO Foods, IIROC, M Squared, Aliancys, Bonfiglioli, Shaw Industries, and De Beers Group of Companies.

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Planview Clarizen Testimonials

Marie Chabot is the senior project manager of a global company designing and developing digital health and medical device software solutions to improve healthcare. The company needed to replace a combination of applications to manage client projects because of data reliability issues, inconsistent user adoption, and incomplete visibility into crucial project financial data. After conducting an extensive vendor evaluation, they selected Planview Clarizen as their professional services automation (PSA) platform for its comprehensive out-of-the-box project management functionality, easy and secure timesheet reporting, and high level of configurability. Marie stated that with the tight integration of their sales and PSA platforms, they achieved greater visibility, which in turn improved their enterprise adaptability.

Jon Bruwer is the head of programmes in one of New Zealand’s largest food exporting company. The company needed to modernize business practices, so it embarked on a strategy to consolidate independent sites and centralize business functions into a corporate office. After trialing other tools, they selected Planview Clarizen for project portfolio management for its depth of functions and high configurability to support a wide variety of project types and work styles. Jon explained that the software allows them to intuitively keep project progress up-to-date and manage risks more effectively.

Why Planview Clarizen

Planview Clarizen is a secure and scalable collaborative work management solution. It creates an engagement experience that allows users to easily track projects, communicate effortlessly, and participate on their teams. Organizations of all sizes in more than 70 countries depend on Planview Clarizen to accelerate progress, engage their people, and move their business forward.

Company Info

Planview Clarizen is a privately held computer software company based in Milpitas, CA, USA, with offices in Israel, the UK, Japan, and South Africa. It was founded in 2006 by Avinoam Nowogrodski and Tanya Epstein. Planview Clarizen aims to make work more engaging and move business forward with features, products, and solutions that allow everyone to work the way they work best. In 2018, K1 Investment Management partnered with the company and committed over $100 million to support its growth. In January 2021, K1 entered an agreement to sell Clarizen to Planview. Planview’s acquisition of Clarizen aims to bring together complementary PPM solutions to provide customers expertise, resources, and capabilities for navigating the new world of work.

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