Planview Clarizen Software Latest Release of Spring 2014

Planview logoPlanview Clarizen announced great news about the Spring 2014 release of its enterprise social collaboration and online project management software. This latest release contains many great improvements that will certainly help its users get work done efficiently and with better results. Release after release, it continues with its mission of redefining collaboration to help companies of all sizes, and with its integrated Work Funnel design, it is connecting conversations, tasks, projects, and people to get things done. This release includes greater configurability, social features, resource management and more.

Configurability Improvements

Planview Clarizen enterprise social collaboration software improved configurability by allowing users to create step-by-step tutorials practiced specifically in one’s company. These tutorials are created using WalkMe online platform. To add this to Planview Clarizen’s existing tutorials, the user must get an account with WalkMe, create the tutorial using a Firefox add-in, add one’s customer ID in Planview Clarizen’s system settings and select the walkthrough order. Another configurability improvement is the addition of a new field type called multi select pick lists. This field type can be created on any object and can be used in business rules to trigger actions based on its values. Also on configurability, the Storage Type field provides users the control as to what kind of files can be added to objects.

clarizen configurability

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Topics for Faster Collaboration

Planview Clarizen online project management is unique because of its social collaboration features. An improvement in this latest release is a new object called Topics. With this feature, users can tag a discussion post, a file or a project that allows the item to be categorized in a specific topic. Thus, it is easier to see what everyone is talking about or what topics are trending. Creating a Topic is easy by simply typing a word or phrase. If it does not exist yet, it can be created using the Create Topic link below the post or by typing a hash (#) before the topic name.

clarizen topics

Resource Management

Planview Clarizen‘s Spring 2014 release include resource management enhancements such as the Replace Resource action. This action will find and replace a resource on work items even across projects. This is useful in cases where a resource assigned to a task in a project plan is still undetermined, such as a generic “Developer 1 “. When the actual resource has been determined and becomes ready, this action allows the quick replacement of the generic resource with the actual resource. An improvement on this action is by not completely removing the previous resource but putting it in an inactive state, in case the resource has already put in initial efforts.

clarizen replace resource

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View Sharing Enhancements

Planview Clarizen social collaboration software added enhancements in sharing views. Both internal and external users can now see shared views through emails or through the company’s website or portal when they receive the proper link. However, access to these shared views can still be controlled with the addition of password protection. Also, permissions can be set if the recipient will only be able to read or have read and write permission, but this latter permission is reserved only for those who have a Planview Clarizen account.

clarizen share view

Export improvements

Several export improvements have been included in this Spring 2014 release. Planview Clarizen online project management software now has the ability to export charts to PDF directly from the current view. So, the option to share it via email has been enhanced to allow the team to download it for their use. Another improvement is a new option when exporting a Resource Load view to Excel. Now, there is an option to either export all the items or only a summary of the load on the User and Project level. Another improvement is on the feature of exporting data from grids and sending it via email. The ability to determine the email recipients and to update the subject and body has been added in this release.

clarizen export pdf

Other enhancements

The Budgeted Work field has been enhanced such that updating this field in the task level rolls up the value in the milestone level, and into the project level. This provides a more accurate value of how much work is budgeted for a milestone or project, which in turn provides the user a better way to plan resources. In this Spring 2014 release, Planview Clarizen social collaboration software enhanced their REST API to include support for all end points. It also allows the user to update pick list values through the API. Through it also, query for deleted items in the recycle bin is now possible. Another improvement added is the ability of the user to define whether their time entries will be manually submitted or auto submitted. For more news on Planview Clarizen online project management, visit their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page.

clarizen budgeted work

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