Planview Clarizen Announced Procore Integration to Help Construction Companies Be More Agile

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Planview Clarizen is a scalable enterprise project management software that helps companies simplify work and accomplish goals. Its Planview Clarizen One solution is an industry-leading collaborative work management platform that brings together project management, configurable workflow automation, and in-context collaboration. It enables teams to be more connected and engaged across the enterprise. About a week ago, it announced an integration partnership with Procore in the Groundbreak Conference. Groundbreak is an annual construction technology conference sponsored by Procore.

Procore – Construction Management Software

Procore is a leading construction management software that enables construction companies to manage their projects, resources, and financials in an open and easy-to-use platform. It connects every project stakeholder, such as the owner, the general contractor, and the specialty contractor, to solutions built specifically for the construction industry. The construction management software has an App Marketplace where partners offer solutions that integrate seamlessly with its platform. This allows construction professionals the option to connect with tools that work best for them.

Planview Clarizen-Procore Integration

Planview Clarizen One is the first enterprise project portfolio management (PPM) solution available in the Procore App Marketplace. With this integration, construction companies will now be able to address all aspects of the project lifecycle, even before construction crews begin, and long after they complete their work. Planview Clarizen One can help streamline the enterprise planning process before any construction begins. It also provides the context and visibility to facilitate collaboration among all stakeholders.

For instance, portfolio managers and capital planners now have access to tools that can help them evaluate whether they can take on new projects or not. Once they do, they can prioritize based on how these new projects align with the company’s corporate strategy. They can also check the capacity of their resources and the availability of funds, and factor all these in as they prioritize their projects.


Planview Clarizen One + Procore = Benefits

The Procore integration makes sure all project tasks are reflected in Planview Clarizen One in real-time. It delivers several features and resulting benefits to construction companies that will take advantage of this integration. They can create configurable workflows that fit how their enterprise does business. They can automate the project intake and approval process. Companies can weigh business objectives against their budgets during the project planning process.

The integration allows users to balance workforce demand as against their capacity. And from the same Planview Clarizen interface, they can also update workloads, reallocate work and shift work duration easily.

Construction companies will be able to track full project costs throughout the project lifecycle. With dynamic reports and dashboards, they can view an accurate and real-time performance of their portfolio based on progress data.

The Planview Clarizen-Procore integration will enable portfolio managers to track progress on all areas of their construction projects, including schedules, risks, and financials. Therefore, they are able to update stakeholders of the status in real-time.

Planview Clarizen-Procore Partnership Builds Agility

Viken Eldemir, general manager for Planview Clarizen Americas, explained that the great amount of critical planning that needs to take place before construction begins can now be streamlined with the help of the integration. As the construction project begins, Procore is the ideal solution for managing all tasks on the job site. Kristopher Lengieza, director of business development for Procore Marketplace, stated that the Planview Clarizen-Procore combination will enable mutual customers to speed the completion of projects and help them stay on track and on budget. Furthermore, teams will know better their capacity to take on new projects, while eliminating manual processes of sending updates with each other.

To learn more about the latest integration, partnerships, and other announcements, visit Planview Clarizen also on their YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn page.


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