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Plangle is a plan mode plugin for JIRA issue and project tracking software. It is a valuable addition to the capabilities of the software as it addresses the planning phase of software project and other product development lifecycle. It provides the essential issue editing and agile planning functions for such projects, not as a separate application but a powerful feature that can be accessed with a click of a button inside JIRA. It helps in the proper planning, accurate estimation, and prioritizing of projects with an Excel-like interface that developers and other stakeholders will find easy to work with.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Gathering Requirements ‚Äì Plangle has an editor with Excel-like interface that allows for easy creation and deletion of subtasks, stories and epics. It has 2 different Epic display modes, hierarchical and label-like. Users can copy-paste requirements from Excel or Notepad and it will allow quick restructure and reorder of epics, stories and subtasks with drag-and-drop, with the use of a mouse or a keyboard.
  • Collecting Estimations ‚Äì This issue editing and agile planning plugin can quickly provide estimations for epics, stories and subtasks with its analytical engine. It supports several estimation techniques. It provides 3 velocity predictions when a user enters a project target date and classifies them as confident, probably and unexpected. Its velocity predictions are based on real historical data from previous projects.
  • Calculating Scope/Time/Costs and more ‚Äì Based on velocity estimates, Plangle will provide project finish dates and project costs automatically. Based on velocity, it will also indicate whether a target date is realistic or not, while providing the costs of the feature intended to be released. It will also recommend the needed resources per work type to be able to work at optimal velocity. It can also automate Sprint planning and has full JIRA Agile integration, fully complying with all Board, filters, and estimation mode settings.

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Plangle is a server-installed plugin with a one-time purchase of license priced according to a set number of users with renewal fees (12-month maintenance) costing about half of the initial cost. It costs $10 for up to 10 users, $600 for up to 25 users, $1100 for up to 50 users and so on. It can accommodate a large number of users, such that a license for up to 500 users cost $6000, and 2000 and up users cost $8000. This plugin is not available for Cloud version users.

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Target Market

Plangle is for JIRA users who need an intuitive and powerful plan mode issue editing and agile planning functionality.

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Some of their Clients

Some of the partners and customers include Attlasian, HumanoIT, Teamlead, META-INF, cPrime, VINYL I, TransEnterix, and

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Chris stated that it only takes him a few minutes to modify large chunks of issues when a project changes. He stated further that when working 3-4 projects in parallel, he gets a certain overview of things and it has saved him a good number of hours.

Why Plangle

JIRA is a flexible and powerful issue and project tracking software especially for software development projects. The addition of Plangle extends the software as an excellent agile project planning and management application that helps a software company be more agile in responding to changing customer requirements.

Company Info

Plangle is a product of Moresimp LLC, a software development startup company based in Budapest, Hungary. It was founded in 2014 and they specialize in hiqh quality outsourced software development. They are building their own product line both for personal use and business solution apps. Some of these are for reports generation, task management, business process, workforce lifecycle, asset management, and quality standards.

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