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Overview Presentation

OfficeTimer is an online time tracking and timesheet software that helps companies generate payroll, monitor leaves, and bill clients efficiently and accurately. It is an integrated system and includes other business modules such as expense management, project and task management, employee database, and more. It is an affordable cloud-based solution that works across industries, teams, and devices.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Timesheet, Attendance, Leaves Management ‚Äì OfficeTimer enables users to enter time in simple but flexible ways. They can enter their time in more than one way, and comes with an automatic timer. They can choose and enter time on specific project and task. The software can generate various types of timesheet for a range of period covered. It also tracks employee attendance and can integrate with biometrics systems. It tracks entry and exit, and can raise alarms for unauthorized entries. It allows for custom break times, duration and frequency. The Leaves module allows for unlimited types of leaves, accrual computation, customized deductions, and uploading of leave requests and supporting documents, such as travel, medical, and other notes.
  • Expenses, Invoice and Billing Management ‚Äì This time tracking software has a customizable expense sheet that caters to companies of all sizes. It allows for different types of expenses, billable or non-billable. Users can use the native iOS or Android mobile app to capture receipts and bills, and also get their approvals. It has a currency exchange calculator, and can import/export sheets to and from various formats. The Invoice and Billing module syncs with timesheet, attendance, and leave data for accurate billing and computation of payroll.
  • Project, Task, Employee Management, and more ‚Äì OfficeTimer also has a project and task management module for a more organized and structured time tracking. Project activities can be broken down further into simpler tasks. Actual data can be compared to estimates, and reminders can be set for approaching deadlines. It allows for unlimited tasks, setting of deadlines, milestones, and urgency. Users can post comments on tasks for direct communication and feedback. An employee management module organizes staff information, and integrates with other modules to help in appraisals and performance tracking. It also has a client list module. Data syncs whether one uses the web version on the desktop or the mobile app.


OfficeTimer offers an affordable paid plan of $1.50 per user per month. It also offers a free version.

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Target Market

OfficeTimer is ideal for all sizes of business and across industries. Users in software development, architecture, manufacturing, construction, financials, CPAs, designing, and advertising have reported great benefit in using the software.

Supported Language

Supports English, German, French, Chinese (Simplified), Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and Norwegian.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Vircom, Skillnet, Inthink, Macmahon Holdings, NVR, FirstNet, SecureWorx, and Geist.


Ronald Ong stated that OfficeTimer has exceeded their time tracking and reporting needs. It is also easy to customize. Kate Phung described the software as the best time tracking software they have seen. They are also very impressed with the excellent service they have received from the support team. She recommends it especially for professional services firms and project-based businesses.

Why OfficeTimer

Time tracking software is an essential application for businesses, whether for internal timesheet, attendance, and payroll purposes, or for client billing and invoicing. OfficeTimer is an affordable integrated system that enables users to automate many time-consuming administrative tasks, resulting in time saving. Also, the centralization of time and employee data allows for easier organization and management, which helps in performance analysis to boost overall business productivity.

Company Info

OfficeTimer is a privately held computer software company based in Bangalore, India. It was founded in 2014 by Srinath Ramakrishna, CEO.

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