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Notion provides an all-in-one workspace that integrates day-to-day tasks, Kanban-style boards, custom wikis, file-sharing, and various databases to enable comprehensive project tracking. That said, it lacks some of the standard features seen in a number of full-scale PM solutions on the market today. Thankfully, there are plenty of third-party Notion integrations to help you make the most of your experience.

However, Notion becomes an even more powerful project management tool when you start to integrate it with other mission-critical software for enhanced collaboration, file sharing, work planning and scheduling. Here’s a look at 10 of the best Notion integrations available now.

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Most Popular and Useful Integrations for Notion

As a freemium productivity suite, the Notion workspace gives users the ability to take notes, manage tasks, track projects, create to-do lists, share content, and collaborate with teammates in real time. While it hasn’t been around as long as some of its competitors, Notion has already made a significant impact in day-to-day project management and team-oriented productivity.

If you’re not already using Notion and want to try out some of the integrations, you’ll want to set up a free trial account to experiment.


Slack icon.

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular instant messaging platforms, Slack, is natively compatible with Notion. Organizations of all types and sizes have been using Slack to drive productivity since its launch in 2013, and the software has only become more popular in recent years.

The Slack integration adds numerous features to Notion, including: 

  • Using Slack messages to create database pages within Notion
  • Receiving Slack notifications when taking specific actions within Notion
  • Sharing expandable links to Slack from Notion

You can also create custom Slack notifications that correspond to virtually any change made within Notion. Moreover, you only need to connect Notion with Slack once in order to utilize all of the added features and functionality.


Zoom alternative

Zoom supports web-based instant messaging, telephony, video chat, and VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol). Not only is it usable as a web-based app, but it’s also available as a full-scale software package that’s compatible with all of the major operating systems and mobile platforms – including Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

With the Zoom integration installed and connected to your Notion workspace, you’ll be able to join Zoom meetings directly from the Notion interface. Alerts come complete with a link to join the Zoom call and any required login credentials, along with notes from your previous meetings.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD logo.

Web designers have been using Adobe XD to create vector-based prototypes and mock-ups ever since the software first hit beta in 2016. Available as both a free version and a paid version via the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe XD supports components, component states, padding, stacks, grids, 3D transformations, responsive resizing, automatic animation, anchor links, triggers, inputs, real-time previewing, and more.

The Notion-Adobe XD integration lets you view Adobe XD designs and prototypes without ever leaving the Notion platform. Once the two programs are connected, you’ll be able to boost productivity by ensuring that your web designers are always sharing the latest and most recent designs amongst your team.



While there are many services that store your files on the cloud, Dropbox is one of the few that lets users utilize a shared folder that’s accessible by teammates, partners, and co-workers. Individual files can even be password-protected as needed.

Linking Dropbox with your Notion installation lets you import files from your Dropbox account into your workspace within Notion. Not only does this make it even easier to share files with your entire team, but it lets you preview files before importing – ensuring you’ll always have the correct files on hand.

Google Drive

The ubiquity of Google Workspace means that native integration is a must-have in the project management space. Keeping track of a project’s numerous Docs, Sheets, and Slides can be a challenge. Drive makes sharing and accessing this documentation simpler, but the secret sauce comes from integrating Google’s document-based environment with the Notion platform.

Notion’s native Google Workspace integration supports all of the aforementioned Google apps, letting you access your full range of productivity software without ever leaving Notion.


Asana big logo.

Asana helps project managers track day-to-day activities, automate redundant workflows, and manage complex tasks. When paired with Notion, the Notion-Asana integration lets you:

  • Synchronize Asana tasks to a specific Notion database.
  • Access and track Asana tasks within the Notion workspace.
  • View the latest Asana updates within Notion.

Tasks that have been imported from Asana into Notion include other important details, too, such as the task due date, assignee, and more.


Trello logo.

Trello’s Kanban-inspired collaborative workspace provides project tracking, workflow integration, and task management. It’s used by in-house and remote teams alike to drive productivity and ensure that everyone is operating on the same page.

Their integration with Notion lets your team see any updates made in Trello without ever leaving the Notion interface. It also provides link preview integration that allows you to sync individual Trello cards with your Notion app by copying and pasting the link.


GitHub logo.

Meant for software development teams of all sizes, GitHub makes it easy to collaborate on projects and track productivity. Currently used by more than 100 million software developers, GitHub has already built a following of dedicated users.

By integrating GitHub with your Notion installation, you’ll be able to view GitHub issues and pull requests within a Notion page and populate Notion databases from the various GitHub repositories. You can use various filters and views to assimilate this information into your daily workflows.


Full ClickUp Logo.

ClickUp is a productivity tool that was designed for modern teams operating within any industry. It’s a versatile, highly customizable and scalable software solution that helps you plan and track projects, launch marketing campaigns, and oversee development sprints.

The Notion-ClickUp integration lets you import ClickUp tasks and view the latest updates within the Notion workspace. Although the two apps are often pitted against one another as direct competitors, their services really complement each other well.


Zapier Alternatives

Although there are dozens of third-party Notion integrations, there are still a lot of useful apps that are not natively compatible. Luckily, the Notion-Zapier integration gives you the ability to connect your workspace with more than 4,000 different apps. Some of these apps include:

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Mailchimp
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Excel

Zapier also features customized, automated workflows, known as Zaps, that allow you to connect with supported third-party apps and begin exchanging data within a matter of minutes – all without having to enter a single line of code.

The Notion API

If your favorite software tool isn’t natively supported by Notion, you might be able to connect it via the Notion API (application programming interface). This provides a way for your chosen software to communicate directly with Notion for the purpose of sending or receiving data. Some examples of this include:

  • Importing data from an external source into an existing Notion database.
  • Monitoring and tracking Notion databases for a specific change that will then trigger an automated email.
  • Synchronizing Notion with GitHub Issues to clone a specific GitHub repository into a Notion database.

By default, new Notion integrations will start out as an internal – or private – integration. These integrations are accessible only by members within that specific workspace. New Notion integrations can be changed to public integrations within the integration’s settings.

Strengthening your Team With Notion

Notion can bolster productivity and strengthen your team’s day-to-day collaboration in many ways. From integrated note-taking functionality to comprehensive task management and project tracking capabilities, Notion provides a  versatile workspace that will complement any project management software you’re already using – and it’s still in its infancy stages of development. There’s no telling what features the developers might implement down the line, but you can ensure your team’s readiness by injecting Notion into your daily workflow right away.

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