MeisterTask Adds Features to Improve User Experience

MeisterTask-LogoMeisterTask is a great project management tool that allows for collaboration between users and ensures that your project progresses smoothly. Their aim is to continually improve the software to improve usability and efficiency. Now, they have introduced a bunch of new features that are specifically designed to do just that. Although the features are quite simple, such as the ability to drag-and-drop attachments and adding watchers to a task, they will come in quite handy. The major new feature is the iCal Feed, that allows synchronization with third-party calendar applications.

The Much Awaited iCal Feed

Just a few days after the introduction of their Pro Plan, MeisterTask have released another amazing new feature in iCal Feed. What it does is that it allows you to synchronize your tasks with an external calendar application such as Outlook, Google Calendar or Thunderbird. In simple words, it allows all your tasks that have been assigned a due date, to be displayed in the third-party calendar application as well.

How to access the feed – The feed URL can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu, which can accessed by clicking on your avatar on the top-right hand corner of your screen on MeisterTask. While in ‘Settings’, go to the ‘Notifications’ tab, and you’ll find the iCal Feed URL at the bottom.

How to subscribe to the feed – The process to subscribing to a feed is slightly different for every calendar application. We’ll use Google Calendar to demonstrate the process. On the main screen of Google Calendar, click on the small downward gray arrow next to ‘Other Calendars’, and select ‘Add by URL’. In the sub-menu that pops out subsequently, paste the iCal Feed URL into the displayed text box.


Adding Additional Watchers

Watchers are basically the users who receive notifications for every action that is performed on a task. Previously, only the people who assign a task, or those who are mentioned in a comment, received a notification. Now, a task creator can add any number of additional watchers to a task, to ensure that all stakeholders remain on the same page. Adding a watcher is very simple. Just click on the ‘+’ sign in the watcher area of the task dialog, and select the respective team member.


Copy and Paste Features

MeisterTask have added a few features that smartly recognize the function of copy and paste depending on the situation. Firstly, if you paste copied text into the open task dialog, it automatically turns into a checklist item. Secondly, if you paste copied text into the project board, it will create a new task on top of the first section to the left, using the copied text as the task title. If you have already selected an existing task on the project board, it will create a task in the same section. Lastly, pasting image URLs or images into the task dialog will convert them into task attachments.


Add Attachments via Drag-and-Drop

Now you don’t even need to open individual tasks just to add attachments to them. You can do that right from the project board. Simple drag-and-drop the attachment on to the designated task. It might take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Efficiency is Important for Success

This seems to be the motto for MeisterTask, as evident from their recently introduced features. They continue to make their application more useful and easy for its users. The team at MeisterTask takes feedback seriously, which you can provide by visiting their social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube. You can also read the complete MeisterTask software review.

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