Mandatory Questions a Project Manager Should Ask The Team

Mandatory Questions A Project Manager Should Ask The Team

Remember, in school, our teachers always use to advice us, ‘the more you ask questions, the more you will learn.’ Some of us even followed that but as soon as we grew up, we stopped thinking that asking questions.

Initiation Phase

Q1. What are the objectives to be achieved? Important – first and the important question is knowing the objective of the project. Why this project? This very question helps the team to stay focused and goal-oriented. The project strategy is based on the objective of the question. Deliverables and activities contribute to objectives and objectives contribute towards the ultimate goal.

Q2. Who is the point of contact? Know your point of contact in order to avoid receiving changes/ instructions from anyone and everyone. Even you can reach the same person if you’ve any questions and doubts. Contacting the ultimate decision maker and the person solely responsible as a point of contact helps ease the smooth working of a project. It eliminates the need for wasting time unnecessarily. Make sure to also ask the preferred mode of communication.

Q3. What could be the roadblocks? Knowing all the potential problems or barriers before even starting a project is not possible. It is undeniable that there won’t be any hurdles or the risks. Thus, mutually and responsibly identifying what might get in the way is an exercise to insure against the pitfalls.

Planning Phase

Q4. What are the inclusions and exclusions? What shall be delivered is equally important as what would not be delivered. This very question saves the team and the project manager from confusion and all the unnecessary extra work while planning the project. The delegation of work will be smooth once all the key points are taken care of, including the exclusions. It is never a good idea to leave space for assumptions with respect to managing a project.

Execution Phase

Q5. What are we missing and are we on time to meet the deadline of the project? Working on a project without knowing and keeping the deadline in mind is like working on it for forever. Deadline is very much necessary. A deadline helps you check the real-time progress of the project. Thus you can check what is working properly with the project and what is not as expected, so in case of any discrepancies you can fix it and be back on track.

Controlling Phase

Q6. Will the change affect anyone? As said before, hurdles or roadblocks may arise anytime during the project. Before jumping to any decision, you must ask your team how the change will affect the future of the project. How adversely or positively will it impact your course of delivering project and meeting objectives? This will help you take control of the crisis and come up with a solution in a better way.

Closing Phase

Q7. How was the project? Last but not least, with the closure of the project, as a project manager you must gather your team around and ask what you all learned from the project? How was the experience? What mistakes you made and how you can improve? This will help build up teamwork and will let you know more about your team’s plus points and loopholes upon which you can focus and work on to make your team better. In a nutshell To ask, there is an endless list of questions which will only help you achieve the desired results in the best possible way. Never be ashamed of asking anything, people may find it in a silly way,  but for you, it will clear the clouds of confusion even more. So ask, lead the project and manage everything with ease. A project manager is liable to have all the answers and shall know in and out of the project. As a project manager, which questions do you ask? Please share in the comments. That’d help everyone reading this article.

Yuvrajsinh Vaghela

Yuvrajsinh Vaghela

Yuvrajsinh is a Marketing Manager at Space-O Technologies, a firm having expertise in developing project management apps. He spends most of his time researching the mobile app and startup trends. He is a regular contributor to popular publications like Entrepreneur, Yourstory, and Upwork. Apart from that, he connects recruiters to job seekers in India. He has, in fact, helped over 20 candidates last month to get a new job.

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