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Sales and marketing automation provides benefits that go beyond handling repetitive tasks. Today’s CRM and automation software like Keap can help streamline business operations, improve team efficiency, and increase profitability. However, users looking for a Keap alternative now have more solutions to choose from that fit their exact needs.

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Keap Alternatives: What to Look for

For teams and businesses in search of a Keap alternative, keep in mind the following features during evaluation:

  • Centralized contact and company management
  • Segmentation, tagging, and prioritization
  • Custom lists, filters, and saved searches
  • Task automation and automated reminders
  • Forms for collecting information
  • Lead scoring and pipeline management
  • Email and/or SMS marketing
  • Email and calendar sync or integration
  • Quotes, invoicing, and online payment gateway integration
  • Landing page builder, checkout forms, chat window, and other e-commerce tools
  • Upsell/cross-sell and sales funnel features
  • Reports, dashboards, and analytical tools
  • Integration and mobile access
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Responsive customer service

Top Keap Alternatives

The following is a list of top Keap competitors that can provide CRM and automation solutions to streamline processes and workflows.


Sendinblue is an all-in-one digital marketing tool for growing businesses. The single platform includes multiple sales and marketing tools that help build customer relationships. It offers a free plan that includes support for unlimited contacts, as well as several paid plans with higher monthly email limits. All plans include a built-in website chat window to talk with customers and leads in real-time.

Sendinblue enables email campaigns with ready-to-use templates and a time optimization feature for suggesting the best time to send. Users can automate marketing and sales processes with a visual workflow editor. They can also organize the team and track customer interaction with built-in CRM features like centralized contact information, task management, custom sales pipeline, and deals management. It also has SMS marketing, shared team inboxes, signup forms, and landing pages.


Example of Sendinblue’s interface.

•Friendly user interface
•Detailed email campaign metrics
•Robust automation tool
•Limited integration with other apps
•Inconsistent email delivery


Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform that enables users to create, optimize, and measure interactions throughout the customer journey. It consolidates email, mobile push, SMS, in-app notifications, web push, and social features so users can connect and engage with customers in more ways. The software offers AI-assisted personalization, individualized content capabilities, and cross-channel tools.

Iterable has centralized data that makes information more actionable. Its Workflow Studio is a drag-and-drop campaign builder that automates message coordination across channels. Users can define and segment audiences, design sophisticated email campaigns, and send targeted and personalized messages. Other features include push and in-app notifications, task automation, intelligent suggestions, and a visual content builder.


Example of Interable’s interface.

•Workflow automation
•Integration of multiple communication channels
•Visual builders
•Users wish for more advanced reporting capability
•Needs an easier way to segment audiences


Copper CRM software enables users to build enduring customer relationships. Teams in agencies, real estate, technology, consultancies, and corporate development are among its most common users. Small businesses that tried Infusionsoft competitors report of gaining comprehensive visibility by using Copper, which helps close deals. Users can try the software for 14 days for free.

Copper has seamless Google Workspace integration with its Chrome extension and Workspace add-on. It syncs with Contacts, Gmail, and Calendar, as well as integrates with Google Data Studio. The CRM automatically pulls in contact details and organizes it in a central place. Other features include leads and deals tracking, project management, task automation, and integrations.


Example of Copper’s interface.

•Auto-population of contacts
•Sync capabilities
•Automated reminders
•Needs better integration outside of Google
•Pricing is on the higher side


Honeybook is an all-in-one client management software for small businesses. Users can manage projects, book clients, send invoices, and receive payments using a single platform. The software offers several paid plans with all features included but with different limits on total transactions per plan. Customers can choose to pay monthly or annually.

Honeybook helps users streamline business processes, from project tracking and document management to client communication, booking, and payments. It also allows users to create custom automations, such as sending emails and files to clients or creating tasks based on client behavior, dates, and other criteria. It has an approvals workflow, automatic reminders, and inquiry responses. Users can automatically send questionnaires, marketing materials, appointment links, surveys, or requests for review.


Example of Honeybook’s interface.

•Easy to set up and use for all skill levels
•Unified proposals and contracts management
•Automated workflows and scheduling
•Needs more integrations
•Phone app needs improvement


Act-On is a growth marketing automation platform that enables marketers to better connect with consumers through more engaging initiatives. Teams in the banking, financial consultancy, insurance, manufacturing, and software sectors use the software. Act-On has features to help users expand their customer base, broaden their brand’s appeal, and improve customer adoption.

This Keap alternative has landing page optimization, website visitor tracking, and A/B testing tools. It has customizable web forms, lead scoring, segmentation, and automated email and messaging tools. Other features include reporting, SEO, social media marketing, and integrations.


Example of Act-On’s interface.

•Easy creation of dashboards, reports, and emails
•Generates high-quality leads
•Solid customer support
•Needs additional online user guides
•Users wish for additional social media marketing tools


Insightly is a CRM that allows users to manage contacts, sales, and projects in one platform. It offers a free plan for two users, and several paid plans billed annually. Teams can take advantage of unified customer data across marketing, sales, projects, and customer service. With business intelligence built-in, users can create data visualizations to discover insights and achieve goals faster.

Insightly has automatic lead routing to the right sales rep. Users can automate workflows, create and send emails, and track delivery. The CRM has a flexible record linking feature of “who knows who” that helps users get a clearer view of an organization’s structure or an informal network. Other features include opportunity-to-project conversion, custom views, mobile apps, and security standards compliance.


Example of Insightly’s interface.

•Needs additional online user guides
•Users wish for additional social media marketing tools
•Record linking feature
•Complex email integration
•Pricing is on the high side


Autopilot is a customer data, marketing automation, and BI reporting platform. Teams and companies use it for e-commerce, SaaS, and B2B engagement. The software is free for individuals getting started with marketing automation. Paid plans are available with different contacts and emails per-month limits. A free 14-day trial is also available.

Autopilot connects customer, transactional, and behavioral data to provide a single view of the customer. It also has activity tracking, a customer journey builder and playbooks for sending the right messages regularly. Other features include email marketing, SMS marketing, analytics, reports, and dashboards.


Example of Autopilot’s interface.

•Complex email integration
•Pricing is on the high side
•Simple to set up and start right away
•Room for improvement in reporting
•More affordable competitors are available

Nimble CRM

Nimble CRM software lets users build a contact base they can open in multiple work settings like in the browser, email, mobile, or integrated into productivity suites. This Keap alternative offers simple per-user pricing on a monthly or annual basis. The software is ideal for teams using Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Nimble allows users to organize contacts in segmented lists. Users can work with it while browsing, inside Outlook, within Office 365, or on mobile devices. The CRM can unify contact data from hundreds of apps, and track tasks, events, emails, and calls. Other features include pipeline management and calendars.


Example of Nimble’s interface.

•Quick visual snapshot of customers
•Multiple integrations
•Good organization tool
•Marketing automation needs enhancements
•Interface needs to be more intuitive


Klaviyo is email and SMS marketing software ideal for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. It can help companies build their brand, grow their business, or move from physical to online. Users pay only for the email contacts and SMS messages they need, with the first 250 contacts and 500 emails sends free.

Klaviyo has tools for listening, collecting, and storing customer information through profiles, no-code forms, and integrations. It also has email segmentation tools, a data science engine, reports, and benchmarks. Other features are email personalization, triggered emails, WSYWYG email editor, templates, and tracking.


Example of Klavivo’s interface.

•Large community of experts, partners, and agencies
•Abandoned cart email flows
•WSYWYG email builder
•Image editing tool needs improvement
•Limited reporting and analytics


Pipedrive sales CRM and pipeline management software provides viewing, tracking, and management of the sales pipeline from a single place. It has several plans for different company needs and team sizes, with the option to pay monthly or annually. A 14-day free trial is available for every plan. Pipedrive enables users to quickly set up their pipeline by adding stages to their sales funnel or using an existing template.

Users can manage leads and deals with a visual and customizable pipeline. The CRM includes a live chat tool, chatbots, web forms, mobile apps, and data fields. It also has an AI assistant, workflow automation for emails and repeating tasks, one-click contact data, reports, email integration, in-app caller, scheduler, activity calendar, and Smart Docs.


Example of Pipedrive’s interface.

•Good mobile app
•Users like the tracking features
•Plenty of integrations
•Limited reporting
•Needs additional viewing and filtering controls in the pipeline

What Is Keap (Infusionsoft)?

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation software. The CRM software helps teams of all sizes organize leads, automate daily tasks, standardize processes, impress customers, and get paid.

Keap provides users with a fully customized CRM that automates lead capture from multiple channels, centralizes data, and allows them to act directly from the contact record. It has features for contact segmentation, automated and personalized follow-ups, pipeline management, and online payment. Users can create reports, set appointments, and manage email campaigns. The software also has lead scoring, checkout forms, a landing page builder, integrations, and native mobile apps.

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