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Jile is an enterprise planning and delivery tool to help organizations build and ship reliable software faster to market. Adopting and scaling agile is difficult for companies with large distributed teams. Jile provides a cloud-based, central platform with a unified view, so users can easily align portfolios and programs to teams, allow effective collaboration among stakeholders, and allocate and track budgets accurately.

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Jile : Features and Strengths

Enterprise Management and Budgeting

Jile provides the platform for users to set up their objectives, desired outcomes, and key results. Under the objectives, users can further define strategic initiatives and evaluate, pivot, or persevere with their initiatives. They can allocate and distribute budget across portfolios, programs, and initiatives. Jile also allows users to track budget allocations, availability, and consumption. Version 5 provides portfolio managers the ability to capture budget and track expenditure by initiatives or programs. Users can track work performed for an initiative and compare against its allocated budget to determine if the work delivered is within budget.

Planning and Tracking

The software lets users align high-level strategy to team execution. It has tools to plan and track sprints and releases so teams can achieve targeted business goals. Users can create roadmaps that align with the company’s strategy, and allow them to manage multi-level backlogs aligned with initiatives. The latest release has improved grid views for all backlog apps and include ranking options to move backlog items to top, bottom, or other positions. Jile provides real-time views so teams can view progress with built-in customizable dashboards. Teams can easily manage dependencies, spot impediments, and track overall execution across programs and teams. Version 5 includes data visualization through predefined metrics called tiles.

Organization, Collaboration, Reporting, and More

Jile lets users configure their organizational structure where they can create a multi-level hierarchy based on organizational needs. They can set up custom fields and statuses, as well as custom terminologies and role-based access. The latest version provides access control for team-level entities. Workspace administrators can use rule configuration to control team access so only key team members can create, update, or delete stories, tasks, tests, and issues. Jile provides users contextual collaboration through discussion boards at every entity level. Users can manage documents, links, and references for every entity, and set up event-based email notifications. Version 5 includes an option for global search across different artifacts with filtering to limit the search for a specific artifact type. Enhanced reports also includes more flexibility to manage tables and charts. Users can define reports as private or public to control accessibility with option to pin/unpin a report on the menu. Other new features include improved Excel export/import and Git-driven status transition. Jile also offers six pre-configured, customizable agile templates for Scrum, Kanban, Enterprise Scaling Framework, Disciplined Agile, Large-Scale Scrum, and Agile Portfolio. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Jile Pricing

Jile offers two editions of its software. Both plans include unlimited teams and reports. Standard Edition: $12 per user per month This plan is ideal for organizations with multiple project teams and programs. Enterprise Edition: $20 per user per month This plan is ideal for organizations with multiple portfolios. In addition to features in the Standard Edition, the Enteprise Edition also has lean budgeting and customizable portfolio dashboards. Back to top

Who Uses Jile?

Jile is for large businesses and enterprises looking for an agile planning and delivery platform to improve the development and deployment processes of their software products. It enables companies to adopt or switch over to agile methods in product management as well as help organizations scale agile practices from small project teams to program and portfolio levels. Clients include Malaysia Airlines, Tata iQ, and other global companies in the manufacturing, banking, and financial services spaces. Back to top

Jile Supported Languages

Supports English, German, and Japanese. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Jile Case Studies

The IT department of a multinational steel-making company has been using a waterfall-type methodology for its project management for the last 20 years. With fast-changing demands and increased business expectations, the department was looking for a new solution to cope with delivery, scope, and quality compliance, as well as improve their business involvement and collaboration. By adopting Jile, the IT department now uses an enterprise-level agile methodology that allows them to scale up their development, management, and delivery processes of software products. A global banking and financial services company initiated an application modernization program to go fully digital. The initiative required the IT department to develop and deliver new applications to improve customer satisfaction, get more business, and increase revenue over time. In addition, the bank needed complete visibility over the development process. Jile provided the right tool, combining agile and DevOps in one platform. It enabled the bank to setup agile teams, adopt the Scrum framework, manage backlogs effectively, and connect the teams to their DevOps tools with complete transparency. Back to top

Why Choose Jile?

Jile provides a platform that enables organizations to plan, deliver, and track agile programs that add value incrementally to their business. It helps enterprises align their overall business strategy to projects and products their distributed teams are building. Jile continues to evolve so it can give users a simple, unique, and comprehensive product, as well as an experience relevant to today’s markets. Back to top

Company Info

Jile is a product of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, or TCS, part of the Tata Group of companies, which is a large multinational public company with headquarters in Mumbai, India. TCS was founded in 1968 as an IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization. In 2018, TCS built Jile, a cloud-based agile DevOps product to help growing businesses and established enterprises scale from small teams to large programs and portfolios. From version 1.0 in 2018, Jile rolled out version 5.0 in 2021 to help businesses in the hybrid work era find a solution that gets software products up and running. Take-me-to-their-Website

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