Interesting Webinars and where to find them

The everyday hectic schedule and juggling between multiple tasks leaves less room for personal time and especially that kind of personal time that we wish to set apart for personal and professional development. The progression from academics to a professional career tends to lean more towards on-the-job training and learning rather than classrooms. As one grows in his or her profession the importance of certifications and affiliations with international professional associations play a pivotal role in professional growth. These are internationally recognized organizations that focus on bringing up working professionals up to the mark and keeping them updated on current trends and best practices.

Webinars are one of the most convenient ways to derive information or network with other professionals. Webinars are seminars conducted over the web; these are interactive in nature and allow for 2 way communication. Attendees are usually geographically dispersed and can attend either free of cost or fee based webinars. The effectiveness of webinars has also contributed to their increased importance besides the cost benefit of avoiding travelling cost and time loss.

Specifically in context with Project Management there is a number of webinar based course websites that offer free as well as paid webinars. Following is the list of urls:-


Following websites list out some very interesting and useful webinars:-


Most of the above mentioned sites are accredited by PMI, and therefore availing their free or paid services/products entitles to PDUs (Professional Development Units), that are necessary to maintain PMI certifications. It is also worth noting that many of these sites that offer webinars publish the topics in advance and it needs registering while free spots last, hence it is always a good idea to subscribe to these sites or newsletters in advance and be proactive with reserving a spot.

Besides the obvious cost benefit, ease and effectiveness of webinars, they provide with immense amount of flexibility in not only attending but also conducting webinars. The widespread of webinars have enabled a non-traditional approach to product trainings, courses and certificate trainings, product launches and activities as simple as staff meetings or product trainings to internal staff. It is a great tool to effectively get the information and knowledge one seeks to attain or simply to greatly enhance business.

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