Importance of Process Management in Project Management

People usually consider project management and process management as two different things having no relation with each other. You must have read people saying that time management, risk management, cost management, quality management etc is very important for running and completing a project successfully but have you heard any person saying that process management is also very crucial for the success of a project? I am sure, your answer will be no. It is due to the fact that we do not have insight information about process management and how it works.

The main purpose of this article is to know that whether process management is required in project management or not and if it is required then how it works and why is it so important. First of all I must tell you that process management is not only included in project management but it is very crucial for it. In fact it acts as a driving force which helps you to perform project management tasks efficiently and effectively. Some of the experts also say that both of them that are process management and project management have a strong relationship with each other and each of them supports or enhance the effect of other one.

Before discussing more on this topic, I must define both these terms in case you are not introduced to them. Process management is the management or monitoring of a process from start till the end. The process can be anyone but here as we are talking with respect to project management so process means manufacturing or any other related process which ends up giving a final product. Project management, on the other hand is the administration and supervision of a specific venture and it involves planning organizing, leading and controlling.

Now, we may continue our discussion once again on the importance of process management in project management. The main purpose of a project is to deliver a product or service to the customer and you cannot deliver any product or service without following certain processes so you can’t even move a step without process management. Moreover, when our main job is to deliver the product or service then it is our duty to monitor the product at each step right from start till the manufacturing of product. It is highly recommended to take care of all the processes being taken place in your project as project management is all about process management. Do you know managing a project is itself a process as you follow certain steps, methods and tools for it just like you do in process management so from now onwards do not think them as two different things? Instead, they are much like the same things.

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