How can be used as a CRM?

Savvy sales and business professionals use customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage the sales life cycle and to keep track of every detail of their prospects and clients.

A CRM stores and organizes client contact information and relationship notes, sends reminders and scheduled emails, facilitates team communication, and tracks performance data through generated reports — all in support of client relationships and the critical sales funnel.

What you may not realize is that, which is best known for its project management tool, has an extremely versatile CRM tool, too.’s sales CRM builds on its existing platform to give sales teams a reliable place to store, manage, and track all aspects of the sales cycle. as a sales CRM

monday sales CRM runs on the monday Work OS platform. It is a separately configured product with CRM features specific to sales, including templates, contact and lead management and capturing, deal management, marketing activities, and a robust visual sales pipeline.

A suite of plans are available to choose from, offering other features like additional views, integrations, automations, and permission levels. Sales professionals can collect and centralize data from multiple sources and qualify leads based on custom criteria.

Set a sales process

The number of steps in your sales process depends on your industry and product or service. monday sales CRM helps to make this process easier. With it, you can:

  • Choose a template or create your own workflow for setting your ideal sales process.
  • Add and prioritize action items to create a tailored plan to fit your business needs.
  • Easily execute on your plan by assigning items to your team.
  • Monitor your plan’s progress at every stage through intuitive real-time dashboards and generated reports.

Create and customize a workspace

monday sales CRM workspaces give your account a hierarchy of organization including boards, dashboards, and folders to help teams organize and manage their accounts.

Create a board with groups

Create a virtual “whiteboard” to track and manage accounts. Boards are fully interactive and collaborative, so your team can work together to support customer accounts. There are three types of boards in monday sales CRM: main, shareable, and private. You can also create a group of boards called a “boardgroup” that can be referenced by a group of people and that pulls all content from all boards into one group for easy access and reference.


Workspaces can be customized from the homepage to make each space more personal and relevant for a specific team, group, or project. Once you create a workspace, you can invite others and move boards around as needed. Workspace members can access all main boards in a workspace in addition to private and shared boards to which they subscribe.


In monday sales CRM, you can add folders to workspaces to better organize your information. Workspace owners can further customize a workspace by adjusting the icon and color and can even add a cover photo to personalize the space for any team.

monday sales CRM Features

Aside from a full suite of CRM options, monday sales CRM also offers a variety of other features to help you build better sales operations.Contact management

Task management

monday sales CRM makes it easy to automatically create and assign tasks instead of sending a stream of email chains to groups of people. With it, you can color code, priority rank, and move things around to keep everyone involved in the sales process focused on the most important things on a particular day or week.

monday sales CRM also lets you set deadlines and break larger tasks into more manageable subtasks to track every aspect of the sales team’s responsibilities as they move from lead to building customer relationships.

Reminders, updates, and notifications

Automating manual and repeatable tasks is one way sales teams maximize their CRM software. Allow monday sales CRM to organize the customer journey and assign people in charge to the things they need to do and remember. In addition, the platform can send notifications and reminders to designated team members and clients whenever a task moves into their area of responsibility, so no balls get dropped.


Stay in touch and share details throughout the entire sales life cycle, including after the deal is closed. With monday sales CRM, you can schedule tasks and reminders and use unlimited monday sales CRM automations to keep things moving along, so there is a seamless flow from first contact to new account handoff and follow up.

Reporting on progress and performance

As a sales manager, your team includes key stakeholders, each with their own priorities and expectations of the sales department. Creating and submitting a separate custom report to each of them is a good way to keep them informed and happy. CRM’s reporting on the sales pipeline clearly shows relationship and deal progress through custom reports that pull needed data and display it the way you want to show it. 

Ready to Try as a Sales CRM Alternative?

You know what you need to get started to make your sales process tighter and more productive. monday sales CRM builds on’s project management platform to give sales teams a flexible, intuitive, and centralized system to track and manage all aspects of the sales process. For users looking for a solid CRM system that is easy to set up and use, give monday sales CRM a try.

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