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Overview Presentation

Hiver is a software extension for Gmail. It turns Gmail into a helpdesk and collaboration tool, enabling users to manage shared mailboxes. Email is still the most used collaboration tool by many knowledge workers. Instead of using another application for helpdesk, Hiver lets users collaborate, assign emails, track tasks, and more, right from the familiar Gmail inbox. They are able to use labels, share notes, synchronize contacts and use other tools to help them complete work as a team in a more efficient way.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Shared Mailbox and Gmail LabelsHiver creates shared Gmail mailboxes that allow users to turn their email interfaces into powerful helpdesk, sales lead, project management, recruitment or operations system. From the shared mailbox, users can assign emails to team members. They can also track tasks by accessing the shared mailbox. The shared Gmail labels help users to organize work. They can also assign emails as tasks just by adding a specific Gmail label. Users are notified about new tasks in real-time.
  • Email Notes and Templates – The email extension and collaboration tool also provides users a shared notes feature. They can write notes on emails and choose who to notify about the new notes. Email templates is another feature that helps users save time and be more efficient. Users can simply write emails once and save them as templates. Then, they are ready to be used many times with just simple changes or addition.
  • Collision Detection, Reminders, Scheduled Emails, and more – Hiver has collision detection system that is important for shared mailboxes. This lets users know when a team mate is already replying to an email. The system sends a message or alert. Users also can set reminders by bumping emails back into their inbox at a future date. Also, they can schedule to send emails at a later date and time. Scheduled emails are queued at the Draft folder. The application works for all Gmail users and Google Apps email accounts. Users can sign in using their Gmail/Google Apps accounts or use the browser extension program.


Hiver offers a freemium plan. The Free plan for up to 3 users include basic email productivity and collaboration features. This includes 1 shared mailbox, 3 shared labels and a limit of 50 shared emails per day. The Starter plan includes up to 10 users, 1 shared mailbox, 25 shared labels and a maximum of 1000 shared emails per day. The Plus plan includes up to 50 users, 10 shared mailboxes, collision detection, 5000 shared emails per day and more.

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Target Market

Hiver is for functional teams, small and medium-sized businesses, and large departments that require collaboration using email only as interface. It is built on and for the Gmail application.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Uber, Lonely Planet, CBS Interactive, Conservation International, Pinterest, and STEMCELL Technologies.


Luis Certo at Find Lapa stated that with Hiver, their customer service team is now able to easily categorize every mail they get. Their trouble ticket system has never worked so well before.

Evan Maly of Stefans Soccer stated that they use the collaboration tool to communicate with their employees about their web sales process. They can leave notes about the different orders, and let people stay on the same page.

Why Hiver

Hiver lets Gmail users extend the basic functionality of their email into something more. They are able to do more tasks, communicate better, and get more work done using the familiar email. Thus, they do not need another application to learn or use, keeping work simple, centralized and organized.

Company Info

Grexit, Inc. is a privately held computer software company that operates, maintains and hosts Hiver services. It was founded in 2011 by Niraj Randan Rout and Nitesh Nandy. Its headquarters is in Palo Alto, CA, USA, and with office in Bengaluru, India. The software-as-a-service was initially named Grexit like the company. However, a likely exit by Greece from the Eurozone was similarly termed Grexit. To avoid the confusion and negative connotation, the service was renamed. The Hiver name draws its inspiration from bees, their work ethics, organization and efficiency. Likewise, the product aims to help users become more efficient and organized, helping them get their work done.

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