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Overview Presentation

float-logoFloat is a project management software that helps companies manage their lists of projects with great ease. Enterprises that have many projects from a multitude of clients need to be able to prioritize efforts that will bring the best results to the company. Float was awarded for its simplicity and design which provides project managers the most simplistic view of their project and full functionality to generate relevant information of the same.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Intuitive Interface and Resource Scheduling – Float allows the assigning of tasks to team members with a click. Tools to drag, split, insert and duplicate tasks are provided as well. Additionally, the provision of powerful search features and skill tags allow the project manager to find the people who possess a certain skill, and also manage their team availability and monitor team utilization. This also allows the sharing of scheduling duties.
  • Project Planning – Float gives users the ability to immediately assign a team to a project and team member to a task. In addition, you can mark important milestones and phases that appear on the schedule. You get to assign project leads on various projects giving them full editing rights. You get to even add task notes to give your team guidance, and include links to relevant reference documents.
  • Team Management and Reporting – It allows you to keep track of job titles, contact information and departments of your team members. Float enables you to define any contractors you may have so you can draw comparisons on their hours in reports. You can also place a team on reserve and use them later on when you require them, and also manage permissions flexibly, by controlling access rights as to who can view, add or edit projects.

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Float is designed to suit both small teams and large ones and thus is very simple to use. The pricing is determined by the size of the active team members. Fees are paid monthly and thus a team of 10 (which is the smallest team) pays $29 per month. If your team is large, say around 200, your fee is $350 per month. Any larger team will have to contact the Enterprise team and get a quotation. However, all the plans offer a 30-day free trial, with no credit card information required.


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Target Market

Large organizations will benefit most from Float. This is because multiple projects that generate a huge amount of data and information will require crucial decisions to be made in order to manage all of them successfully. This is not limited to large companies, as even smaller companies will benefit just as much from Float’s in-built work-flows and framework.

Supported Language

Float is only available in English.

Some of their Clients

Major clients comprise of Uber, Google, Nike, NASA and Deloitte.

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Robin Rosenberg from Wieden+Kennedy states that this resource scheduling app has the simplicity and complexity to help them stay on top of a department that is in continuous flux.

Belinda Costa from Iris states that Float is the tool the agency mostly uses and they will most likely never need to merge excel sheets again.

A user from AironAir states that Float’s streamlined interface and ease of use made the difference when they were making a selection between many options.

Why Float

Managing multiple projects with a PM software usually does not give the same control as you would like with a project portfolio management software such as Float. It is designed specifically to provide both control and PPM functionality in the most simplistic fashion.

Company Info

Float Corporation is a New York based computer software company launched in 2012. Its team spans from San Francisco to Portugal. The three co-founders from Pixel Paddock have around 30 years of combined digital agency experience which allows them to know first-hand what agencies require, and thus designed the software to suit their needs.

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