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Overview Presentation

Float is a resource scheduling application for today’s modern teams. Resource management is a challenging task that deals with matrix of capacities, skill sets and locations. This employee team management software makes it easier by providing a single location where users can visualize their team’s time. It has smart tools that allow them to make changes in the staff planning calendar in real time, and to collaborate fast. It can also share data with existing PM, finance, and time tracking apps.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Intuitive Interface and Resource Scheduling – Float uses click and drag functionality that makes it easy to create new or adjust existing schedules. The user interface allows for quick assignment of a task to a person, creating a schedule and dragging it to an area, selecting a project, and confirming the dates. The schedule view gives a clear picture of assignments and assignees, and zooming in and out for a detailed view or a longer forecast is simple. Right-click tools enable users to make updates as often as needed. Other features include simultaneous multiple update, time-off management, and search and sorting features.
  • Project Planning – The team management software includes simple project management features that allow for assembling a project team, assigning them tasks, and scheduling these. A Project Manager owns a particular project, and he or she has full edit rights to manage and assign the team’s tasks and time. They can define milestones and phases for the project, and mark them on the calendar. These appear on top of the team’s schedule at the start of the day. Other features include categorizing a project as billable or non-billable, grouping projects by clients, and adding project notes for more information.
  • Team Management, Reports, Integration, and more – Float enables users to keep team information such as job titles, departments, tags, availability, and profile pictures. It can set part-time work hours for individuals, and keep track of contractors and their hours through reports. Users can control what people can view, edit and delete with access rights. Admins, Project Managers and Members have different rights and permissions. They can add tags to track skills, or keep a team off the schedule until they are needed again in the future. Other features include powerful reports for tracking utilization, team comparison, department drill-down, holidays and time-offs, and even custom date ranges. It has native apps for the iPhone and iPad, and integrates with Slack and Zapier.

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Float offers a simple pricing plan of $5 per person scheduled per month. Thus, users pay only for the people they schedule. It includes unlimited projects and guests. All plans include all features, such as drag and drop scheduling, reporting, import/export of data in CSV format, phone and email support, iOS app, Slack and Zapier apps, Google Calendar integration, iCal sync, SSO, and more. A free 30-day trial period is also available.

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Target Market

Float is ideal for teams in agencies, studios and firms of all sizes. It is popular also with companies in the marketing, advertising, telecommunications, computer software, and design industries.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include R/GA, BuzzFeed, Ableton, NASA, Vice, and Postlight.

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Aidan Dunphy described Float as beautifully simple and easy to use. The software’s UI and logic are inspirational. It has made the activity of coordinating multiple resources on multiple projects as easy as it can be.

Heather Mcginty stated that the simple usability of the software is a plus. She can quickly add, extend and move jobs around to different people. She is currently managing a team of 9 designers in a multi-disciplinary team with over 30 jobs daily. Float has worked perfectly well for management of workflow and constant changing of priorities.

Why Float

Float makes it easy for modern teams to handle one of the toughest jobs they face today: managing resources. Users are provided a bird’s eye view of who is working on what and when. From a single platform, they can schedule projects and manage the team’s utilization with flexible and easy-to-use tools. Today, teams in more than 150 countries are able to schedule thousands of tasks using this resource scheduling application.

Company Info

Float is a product of Pixel Paddock, LLC, a privately held business software development company with headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, USA. It was founded in 2012 by Glenn Rogers, CEO; and Lars Gelfan, CTO. It is a 100 percent remote team spread across 10 cities worldwide. Its goal is to make resource scheduling simple, and have been continuing to help teams plan for the future, so they can save time today.

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