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Overview Presentation

easyprojects-logoEasy Projects is a web-based end-to-end project management software, designed to meet the needs of most businesses – from small and medium businesses to large scale enterprises. A business can employ the software to track the progress of its projects, task milestones, time management, meeting calendars, budgeting, report generation and more. The solution is industry-agnostic, unlike other project management software that cater only to a specific industry.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Collaboration Tracking and Resource Management – Easy Projects enables all stakeholders of a project to communicate via a single real-time collaborative interface. It facilitates sharing audio files, images, presentations, videos and web links. Additionally, Easy Projects comes with a Project Calendar that enables you to keep a track of your deadlines and milestones well in advance, eliminating surprises during the project duration. It equips you with an Executive Dashboard, so you are able to view critical information at once. With its simple online resource planning software, the application helps you to understand where your resources time is being spent. Moreover, Easy Projects’ cross-platform mobile version is a huge bonus, enabling you to access critical project information anywhere and anytime.
  • Customization and Integration – Easy Projects is a highly compatible and customizable tool, designed to fit the requirements of the project. It offers role-based project access, which means that access permissions will depend on the project role given to you. Not only does it allow you to filter reports, but it also enables you to customize your reports to suit your specific requirements. It also empowers you with the ability to create custom fields and additional filters for your projects. Furthermore, EasyProjects allows for a seamless integration of different technologies, allowing you the freedom to import and export data directly for both Excel and MS Project, saving you a significant amount of time and effort. Easy integrating with MS Outlook through an add-in feature allows you to track projects, assign tasks and share files, without exiting your mail. All-in-all, their API supports a wide range of applications.
  • Interactive Gantt Charts – The Interactive Gantt Charts in Easy Projects offers features such as the drag-and-drop functionality, real-time modifications and in-line editing. It not only allows you to track performance during the life-cycle of the project with accurate timelines, but it also enables you to apply features such as task assignment, resource management, tracking and editing of tasks and altering dependencies. The in-built interactivity makes this an attractive proposition.

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Easy Projects has an elastic model, offering pricing under Hosted (SaaS) pricing and In-House (On-Premise) pricing. Under the Hosted (SaaS) pricing, it offers a free package for a single user with 1 GB storage, 10 portfolios and 50 custom fields, the most popular pro package at $15.75 per-user per-month with 10 GB storage, 60 portfolios and 200 custom fields and the enterprise package at $18.75 per-user per-month with 50 GB storage, unlimited portfolios and custom fields. Under the In-House (On-Premise) pricing, they have two offerings – the pro at $189 per-user per-year with 60 portfolios and 200 custom fields, and the enterprise at $225 per-user per-year with unlimited portfolios and custom fields. They also apply a “No questions asked 30-day money back guarantee with any plan” option.


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Target Market

The flexibility and customization that Easy Projects provides makes it an ideal solution for industries of all sizes – small, medium and large enterprises. It is also relevant to individuals, who undertake independent projects. It is especially viable for teams working on complex projects because of its real-time collaborative and intuitive interface.

Languages Supported

Easy Projects supports 8 languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Slovenian.

Some of their Clients

Present in over 50 countries, Easy Projects has several notable clients some of which are Symantec, Toshiba, Reuters, Ernst & Young, Staples, and Harvard.

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Client Testimonials

Users from Lakeside Cabinets and Woodworking claim that Easy Projects is a user-friendly platform that helps new users catch on independently, without excessive time spent in training them.

Users from TROI IT Solutions claim that they cannot manage their projects without Easy Projects any more.

The Daughters of Charity Health System commends the responsiveness of the Easy Projects staff, complimenting them on their strong support and talent.

Why Easy Projects

Having the right project management software can streamline the entire project process, enhance workforce productivity and enable efficient time management. Easy Projects accomplishes that with its simple, collaborative and intuitive interface. The affordable pricing models and compelling collaboration tools, makes it an ideal solution to fulfil most project demands and requirements. Easy Projects prides itself on being a comprehensive solution, bundled with additional valuable features in the project process. With its simple interface and user-friendliness, its features are a reflection of its versatility. Companies that are looking for affordable, reliable and robust project management software will find that this solution suits their needs thoroughly.

Company Information

The brainchild of Logic Software Inc, a software development company based in Toronto, Easy Projects software was developed to cater to the company’s own needs. It soon gained in popularity among Logic Software’s existing customers, who sought to buy the software for both their internal and external purposes, prompting Easy Projects entry into the commercial business market. Present in over 50 countries and catering to clients in over 15 different industries, several reputable brands have come to depend on Easy Projects for their needs. Due to its vast array of features, Easy Projects has built up an impressive customer base and has won several industry accolades.

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  1. Avatar Eugasm says:

    Easy Projects is definitely not as sophisticated as Wrike or AtTask but it does its worth well apparently.
    From what I heard, it targets specifically medium size businesses, as it is coming just short of being able to serve bigger fish.

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