Easy Projects Software Review for 2021

Easy Projects software review 2021Easy Projects is a web-based fully featured project management software designed to meet the needs of most businesses—from small and medium businesses to large scale enterprises. A business can employ the software to track the progress of its projects, tasks, milestones, timesheets, schedules, workloads, and budgets through different views, dashboards, and reports. The software is applicable across industries, for both internal and client projects and supporting business process automation, collaboration, data integration, and business intelligence.

Easy Projects Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

Project management

Easy Projects project management lets you view and analyze project performance and profitability, identify bottlenecks in project activities and tasks, and analyze risks in project labor costs through detailed reporting. The Activity Center enables users to set up projects in a few clicks and choose to display data in table, interactive Gantt chart, drag-and-drop Kanban, or calendar view. The software also includes features for project planning, critical path, and multiple dependencies. Team members have their own personal to-do lists to view their assignments. They can also request and track approvals, review images, and add annotations while managers can review and approve from supported devices. A guest portal provides project visibility to clients and other stakeholders. Other features include portfolio management, permissions and security, and import/export functionality.

Resource planning

The project management software allows users to optimize resources, retain employee satisfaction, and keep team workload balanced with simplified resource planning, allocation, and utilization. The Project Resource Loading Simulator lets you check resource availability for future projects, organize a project team based on specific skills and availability, and ensure no conflicts with existing schedules before scheduling new projects. It also has tools for optimizing resource capacity, avoiding overload, and spotting future downtime. You can revise your timeline and resources from the Gantt chart view as well as add, edit, and track vacation data from a calendar view.

Team collaboration, reporting, time tracking, mobile apps, and more

Easy Projects software enables team collaboration with messaging at the project level and task level from the Activity Center. The software saves all messages, and email integration lets users send and receive messages from their inbox or from the software in sync. It also supports file sharing, image annotations, and approvals with message notification. Easy Projects comes with pre-built reports, a custom report generator, BI dynamic reports and dashboards, scheduled performance reports, labor cost performance reports, financial performance reports, adoption, compliance and performance management reports, daily operations reports, activity reports, and time log reports. The software also has built-in time tracking, incoming requests and forms, and mobile apps that let users manage tasks, track time, collaborate and communicate, request and manage approvals, and add projects on the go.



Easy Projects pricing offers a Team plan at $24 per user per month billed annually. This plan is for teams looking for a project management tool that includes time tracking, budgeting, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, resource management, reporting, and integration with popular apps. An Enterprise plan is also available for organizations that require additional security, BI, portfolio management, and additional integration requirements.

Easy Projects pricing


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Easy Projects Target Market

Easy Projects is ideal for business of all sizes in professional services, engineering, marketing agencies, IT services, business consulting, architecture, advertising agencies, construction, and web design as well as operations. The software is beneficial to project managers, project team members, senior executives, and clients.

Languages Supported

Supports Supports English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Slovak

Some of their Clients

Clients include Ceridian, Driscoll’s, ESET, HP, IBM, OMRON, Sanford Health, Cornell University, IDC, and Orange Telecom.


Easy Projects Testimonials

Zohar Beneliezer recalled a crucial incident when Easy Projects helped them avoid a major problem. It came when they generated a report using the software that highlighted a significant decline in the workload forecast six weeks forward. They assumed that their workload would be an easy three months ahead. If not for Easy Projects, they would have been unnecessarily stagnant for several weeks, costing them thousands of man hours lost as well as revenue opportunity. Zohar stated that the ability to fully customize reports using custom fields is a significant bonus to an already excellent product.

Minaz Noormohamed stated that since adopting Easy Projects in the company, they continue to see big improvements in planning and managing resources. They use the software across the company with heavy users in PMO, creative, development, and account management departments. The use Easy Projects’ weekly resource report daily in Scrum meetings to identify the workload for each resource and to evaluate task statuses of each project. Minaz stated that the report provides a good picture of what is ahead in the week and what tasks are due, saving them 10 to 12 hours of work time every month.

Why Easy Projects

Easy Projects combines the needed tools and features to manage projects, resources, and teams in a visible, unified, and collaborative way. It is customizable for a variety of users and business applications, easy to use, and has advanced capabilities to improve current and future performance with real-time data and analytics. In many Easy Projects reviews, the software continues to receive recognition and awards especially in the categories of project management, portfolio management, and professional services automation.

Company Info

Easy Projects started as an internal collaborative project management system developed by Logic Software, Inc., a custom software development company based in Toronto founded in 1999. It gained popularity among the company’s customers that they spun-off Easy Projects into its own operating division in 2003. Since then, businesses of all sizes in the telecom, education, healthcare, and manufacturing industries in over 70 countries choose Easy Projects as their project management software solution.

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