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Our content and product recommendations are editorially independent. We may make money when you click links to our partners. Learn more in our Editorial & Advertising Policy. Agility, formerly known as CollabNet VersionOne, is an enterprise Agile planning solution for companies adopting and implementing digital transformation. It helps drive efficiency in business by scaling Agile practices across all levels with an integrated platform that provides users with the tools they need to connect from the team level up to portfolio level with consistency, connectivity, and visibility.

Table of Contents Agility Review: Features and Strengths

Scaled Agile Framework and Agile Portfolio Planning Agility supports the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for users who implement and scale Agile workflows, Lean methods, and DevOps practices. Its AI-powered solution enables teams to implement various methodologies consistently across the different levels of the organization. Further, it connects all the processes needed to practice Agile—from the concept phase to the customer phase—so that users gain insight throughout the implementation.

Agility helps simplify Agile implementation with ready-to-use tools and metrics. Teams use the Agility platform to plan and track feature development across the organization. Product roadmaps allow stakeholders to easily perform Agile planning and development. Automation of manual processes also speeds up the delivery of products and services.

Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics Agility includes nested Kanban boards that allow users to see the progress of work throughout each stage of the development lifecycle. It shows work status as well as puts a spotlight on process bottlenecks that may disrupt flow and output. Dashboards enable teams to visualize processes, limit work in progress, and measure lead time.

Reporting features help users stay informed of changes in goals, plans, and progress across portfolios, programs, releases, and teams. Built-in AI-driven analytics such as SAFe and DORA metrics provide users insight to make better decisions and timely actions. Agility’s Plan and Create Lens includes pre-configured dashboards with curated insights from product portfolios, program increments, sprints, and resource distribution to further enhance visibility in the application development lifecycle.

Idea and Feature Management, Cross-Team Collaboration, Integration, and More Agility has idea and feature management tools to automate the process of collecting, collaboration, prioritizing, and sharing feature requests. Teams can communicate effectively through communities of practice, forums, and collaboration rooms. The platform also offers users an integration marketplace with ready-to-use connectors to popular tools like Atlassian Jira, Azure DevOps, and IBM Websphere.


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For Agility pricing, interested parties can contact the sales team through the company’s website. Companies can also schedule a demo and request a free trial of the software.

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Who Uses Agility? Agility is ideal for midsize to large enterprises implementing digital transformation. It is for companies in need of a scalable Agile planning solution. Customers include Aflac, Truist, Western Union, Siemens, DHL, Dean Health Plan, Cerner, and MasterControl.

Back to top Agility Supported Language Agility supports English by default. However, users can change language settings by changing browser settings. Users can also enter translated terms and save them.


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Case Studies

Matt Anderson is Director of Technology Services and the agile champion of a global healthcare IT solutions and services company. In the past, it took the development team 30 months to introduce innovations. The company knew it had to accelerate its product’s time to market to stay competitive and help clients achieve their own goals.

The team adopted agile practices, but they need the right tool to partner with their efforts. After reviewing several options, Matt and his team chose Agility as their enterprise Agile application lifecycle management platform to enable people and processes to succeed. It can accommodate various agile methodologies being implemented in the company. It is also intuitive and easy to use, resulting in a significant reduction in time to market, a reduction in development cost, and an increase in application quality.

Evan Smith is the release train engineer and ScrumMaster manager for a quality and manufacturing software company. The company implemented the Scaled Agile Framework using sticky notes and whiteboards for the planning process. However, there were still some inefficiencies so Evan’s team kept looking for an enterprise agile platform that supported SAFe without having to use sticky notes.

Using Agility and large touchscreen monitors, teams were able to gather around a board and move stories and tasks around. As a result, the company is now delivering five times as many features as with previous solutions. The team also experiences higher engagement and greater alignment between business, software development, and IT operations.

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Why Choose Agility? Agility is an enterprise-grade product with tools for all levels of the organization and support for different types of Agile methodologies. Organizations can use a single platform to drive consistency in all digital transformation activities, especially in application development. Agility brings consistency and structure to support Agile best practices that result in efficiency, speed of development and delivery, improved collaboration, and application security.

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Company Info is a privately held software company with headquarters in Boston, MA, and offices in Raleigh, NC, and Lafayette, IN. The company also has offices in The Netherlands, Lithuania, Israel, and India. It began as a collection of individual products derived from a series of acquisitions that include CollabNet and VersionOne. The company recognized an opportunity for all its customers to improve its digital transformation. Today, continues to focus on connectivity and insights at enterprise scale to solve problems, particularly in the application of technology in digital transformation.


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