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Dapulse is a visual project management tool that is simple and customizable. Many PM tools are similar in how they approach project management. Basically, these tools enable users to create projects, assign tasks, set schedules and create a plan that can be displayed as a Gantt chart. For many users, this process is very complex, technical and boring. As an alternative, they can use a tool that is easy and enjoyable to use, centralizes all communication, keeps everyone engaged and ultimately helps users get their work done.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Transparency and PriorityDapulse visual project management creates transparency on project status and information so that teams are always on the same page. It has features such as @mention to make sure important messages are never forgotten or ignored. Also, they are able to know who among the team members has seen the updates. It has real-time notifications, too. Moreover, users are able to prioritize what is important through their inbox. Users can easily manage all the updates that are relevant to them. And they can open or close updates according to their status.
  • Big Picture Management, Powerful Search – Users can use boards to manage just about everything. The visual drag-and-drop board allows users to list all the team’s tasks, assign and see who is responsible for each task. They can create a workflow or define different project phases. Therefore, users are able to see the big picture, increasing their involvement and motivation. The tool also has a powerful search that can instantly access the knowledgebase of all projects and tasks. Users can also pin important updates to easily find them later.
  • Customization, Integration, and more – Dapulse is customizable allowing users to create their own labels and terms used for work. It supports various data formats such as dates, numbers and text columns. In addition, users can add their own columns and create their own process. Furthermore, it integrates with other 3rd party applications like calendar apps such as Google Calendar to enable the syncing of due dates and deadlines. Users can access files stored from Dropbox, Google Drive or Gmail. Also, they can connect the PM tool with other apps and services such as MailChimp, Zendesk and Zapier. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available for free.

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Dapulse offers several premium packages with each package at least having a minimum of 5 users. The higher plans also have more features. For instance, the Basic package that amounts to $6 per user/month provides the simple bare necessities such as 5 GB of storage, simple search function and filter by person only. On the other hand, the higher and recommended Pro plan includes for unlimited storage, powerful search, filter by anything, external integrations, full API, private boards and more. All plans include 24/7 support. Discounts are also available for yearly and 2-year advance payments. A 2 week free trial period is also available.


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Target Market

Dapulse is a visual project management tool ideal for startups but is scalable and flexible enough for teams and organizations of all sizes. It can easily be accepted and used by even non-technical users. It is valuable for project communication and tracking purposes.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include NBC Universal, Adidas, Wix, Fiverr, AOL, Outbrain and Uber.

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Emilia Nilsson at Raw Digital stated that since using Dapulse, there is more transparency in their projects now, enabling them to move faster and get better results.

Hope Horner at Lemonlight Media stated that the PM tool helps them shorten the lifecycle of their clients. Now, they instantly see what they need from each of their clients and remain proactive.

Why Dapulse

Dapulse project management tool is a simple, visual and flexible application that provides important transparency in project teams. Thus, each person is able to see, collaborate and contribute more meaningfully to the whole effort. Many users attest also to the fun of using it.

Company Info

Dapulse Labs, Ltd is a privately held computer software company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was founded by Roy Man, CEO, and Eran Zinman, CTO in 2012. The project management tool began as an internal communications tool at website builder Wix.com. The team developed it to solve a particular day-to-day problem that they were experiencing. They then received feedback of how the tool created an impact to other people’s business and lives. The team were able to raise funding as a startup and spun out to become their own company. They continue to improve a tool that primarily communicates with people and which people actually enjoy using.

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