Confluence Software Review for 2022

Overview Presentation

Confluence is a shared workspace ideal for team collaboration. It is highly customizable, can be set up quickly with available templates, and be easily organized and expanded with integrations. Users can collaborate on their projects the way they want, with flexibility but also with essential information and required updates. They can store collective knowledge that is structured and easy to find. Also, it is a friendly and social space where anyone with the right access can share announcements and inspiration, encourage engagement and participation, and get instant feedback that are automatically saved.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Create and Share PagesConfluence enables a user to create any collaborative workspace that can contain meeting notes, product requirements, marketing plans, and others. They can start with a blank page, or customize a best practice template. There are templates for a project plan, meeting notes, product launch plan, persona, marketing plan, and many more. They can add images, videos, GIFs, tables, background information, documents and more to customize their pages. Start collaboration by at-mentioning other members who will be notified instantly. Other partners can also be invited to view the page. All updates are stored automatically.
  • Search and Organize Space – The collaboration software helps teams be organized with their most up-to-date documents. They can stay organized by grouping related pages together in a dedicated space. They can set who can access the space, limit it to a few or open it everyone. Pages can be kept private until it is ready to be shared. Each page has an overview page. It has powerful search and structured page trees that help make sure content is easy to find and always within reach. Big projects can be further broken down with subpages.
  • Provide Feedback and In-line Comments – Confluence enables users to give and get contextual feedback. The shared workspace can speed up review processes and help move work forward. Team members can jointly edit pages, give and get feedback through in-line comments or page comments. For more direct communication, they can at-mention a team member to ask help from, and also get more visibility into what decisions the whole team makes. It also has Like buttons to celebrate good ideas and great efforts. Notification settings provide additional controls, while watching a page enables you to get instant notification for any update. It also has a Resolve button to close issues. It can be easily integrated to thousands of popular tools in the Atlassian Marketplace.


Customers can choose to use Confluence via the cloud or self-manage them via their own servers. The cloud versions are offered in several plans. A Free edition is available for up to 10 users. It includes unlimited spaces and pages, basic features, apps integrations, 2GB file storage and community Support. Paid plans include the Standard and Premium editions, which can be paid month-by-month or annually. For the Standard edition, the price is a flat rate of $10 per month for up to 10 users, with the 11th user and above at a rate of $5 per user per month. It includes all Free edition features with the addition of page and space permissions, anonymous access, audit logs, 250GB file storage, and 9-5 standard support. The Premium edition is at $10 per user per month for up to 100 users. Per user price goes down for users 101 and above. The paid plans are free to try for 7 days. Self-managed Server licence for up to 10 users is $10 one time payment, while Data Center license for up to 500 users is $15,000 per year. A fully functional copy can be download and tried free for 30 days.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Confluence is for teams and organizations of all sizes. It is applicable to any industry that needs a shared workspace for project collaboration, knowledge management, or employee engagement. Some of the companies that gain benefit in using the software belong to IT services, non-profits, media production, and others.

Supported Language

Supports English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Korean.

Some of their Clients

Clients include HubSpot, Blend, Audi, Twilio, NASA, and LinkedIn.



Terrence Caldwell stated that Confluence became the single source of truth for ther client-facing teams. It helps them deliver on promises to the customer.

Katie Burke stated that the team collaboration software has enabled anyone in the company equal opportunity to participate, ask questions, and use their voice towards building a company of employees that their grandkids can be proud of.

Martin Binder stated that with Confluence, people in the company are practicing more knowledge-sharing than ever before. This has resulted in more transparency and efficiency.

Why Confluence

Confluence is an easy-to-use, flexible, yet powerfully structured workspace ideal for today’s collaborative teams. Whether in the same office, or distributed over different continents, teams are provided an open but connected and secure space that encourages information sharing. It allows users to be creative in how they want to move work forward, but also provide them modern tools that make it easy for everyone to share ideas, raise issues, ask for help, get feedback, solve problems, and revisit any information easily. More than 40,000 customers using the software have improved the way they collaborate.

Company Info

Confluence is a product of Atlassian, a global development and collaboration software company with headquarters in Sydney, NSW, Australia. It was co-founded in 2002 by Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes, presently co-CEOs of the company. That same year, the company launched Jira 1.0. In 2003, Confluence 1.0 is born and released to the world. It has continued to build and acquire products and companies, including Jira Service Desk, Trello, Bitbucket, and others. In 2015, the company went public with a registered NASDAQ ticker name of TEAM. Today, it has 3000 employees in its offices in 7 countries, servicing over 150,000 customers worldwide. It continues with its mission and commitment to help unleash the potential of every team.

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