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Clarizen is a cloud project management software that provides users and their enterprise a collaborative solution. It is designed to create a meaningful engagement experience so that everyone in the organization can move their business forward. Over the years, it has become the leader in collaborative work management, providing teams with a software that features visibility and flexibility. In its latest release, it is once more responding to user feedback by announcing new features that will help them report project status and manage budgets easier.

What Customers Want

The new Clarizen features are influenced by feedback from their customers. As they make decisions and allocate resources to work on their product roadmap, they have compiled and determined what their users want. Namely, users want help on 3 areas: improved collaboration, new efficiencies, and greater time-to-value. For this Spring 2017 release, new features include a Project Overview, a Slide Publisher tool, and a Financial Planning Module. In addition, a new library of best practices is now available to help organizations maximize Clarizen.

Project Overview for Better Collaboration

The new Project Overview feature will help users share data and information in a more visually engaging way. Users can add color and make use of a variety of formatting options. They can apply rich text, tables, and embedded images. They can easily adjust multiple text sizes and include hyperlinks.

Slide Publisher for Effortless Presentations

Clarizen is being used by teams to share information beyond the project level. Users are sharing project information not only with other teams, but also senior executives, customers and other stakeholders such as the board of directors. To make status reporting more efficient, the new Slide Publisher, a wizard-based tool, enables users create branded presentations. Users will be able to create PowerPoint templates and fill in details and updates very quickly. Moreover, the templates are also available to anyone in the organization who needs to prepare an update of the project report.

New Finance Module for Real-time Financial Reporting

Another new feature that plays an important part in effective collaboration and efficient project management is the new Finance module. This new module helps ensure that the team in charge with the finances always has a real-time view of the project’s financial details. It also helps users to plan the project, set budgets and make timely updates to the project’s actual financial data. As a result, all stakeholders, including people particularly interested in the project’s numbers are updated. Importing data directly from Excel is also possible for adding or updating existing work items, cases, people and other objects into Clarizen.

IT Best Practices Collection

These new features are great, but what is even greater is when organizations truly apply and maximize their use. Therefore, in addition to these features, a new collection of customer-proven IT best practices are now available to users. By following the recipes of this so-called cookbook, customers will be able to set projects in motion from ideas to successful execution. The collection also includes packaged apps that are best suited for specific IT use-cases. To check out the latest features and other announcements, visit Clarizen also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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