Celoxis Introduces v11.1 With Many New Features

Celoxis software is a comprehensive project management solution that helps enterprises streamline the management of their business processes. The latest release is version 11.1 and it includes a host of most requested features. The new enhancements and improvements can be experienced across the different feature categories. These include a more granular access to resource data, better skill classification, new and colorful ways of collaborating and tracking, and many more.

Enhanced Resource Management

Celoxis is a comprehensive software that covers more than just to-do lists. Projects, no matter how well-planned, are worked on by and completed by people. Version 11.1 now has a reporting manager feature that allows a manager to access their direct report’s data. Time spent for making requests or waiting for submission is eliminated. Thus, work assignment and delegation can proceed more smoothly. Also, a new Job Roles feature allows the user to perform capacity planning and resource utilization better. Resource’s functional capacity or skill set information can be used for assigning work and even for assigning costs and bill rates.

Multilevel Timesheet Approval Workflows

One-click approvals can help make the approvals of queued time entries and expenses very efficient. However, there are complex projects that may need multiple approvals from more than one level. On time and expense management tools, it is now possible and easy to set up a workflow for multilevel timesheet approval. Users can involve several managers to approve timesheets of resources for time spent on both project and non-project activities.

New and Improved Calendar

Celoxis is a fully collaborative PM platform. The latest version includes an improved interface of its advanced calendar. Aside from being shareable to co-workers and exportable to other calendar programs, the new interface provides detailed information at a glance. Color-coded entries allows users to keep track of their personal tasks as well as share team deliverables and other important events.

A More Colorful Gantt Chart

Version 11.1 now also supports a more informative and colorful Gantt chart. Users can format the bar chart to change its color. So, aside from having an interactive chart, they can also provide useful instant information at high-level view. This enhances its ability to display information, especially during presentations to management and clients.

Enhanced Card View/Kanban Board

Last September 2017, Celoxis introduced the Card View to allow users to display their tasks in a board display. Therefore, they can visualize and move work in a Kanban board either based on predefined or custom values. In the latest release, the card view has been extended to include bugs, issues, risks and other custom apps in their various stages. This release also includes bulk editing functionality, so users can make the same edits to multiple work items such as bugs, issues, and others, simultaneously.

Earlier v11 Release Features

Version 11 included many new major features especially for reporting purposes. For instance, new charts that display enhanced data visualizations are now available. They include comparison bars, 100 percent stacked bars and trend lines, which users can use to compare data in real-time. Users can also create and share multiple dashboards. They can now schedule to send reports on a specific data and time as email attachments.

Continuously Addressing Complexities with Innovative PM Solutions

The latest Celoxis release includes other new features such as view to help manage cash flows or track profitability better. Also, custom fields now roll up data from sub tasks up to tasks and project summary information. All these are in line to the company’s commitment to help companies deliver successful projects and results every time. For more information about the latest v11.1 release and other announcements, visit Celoxis also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn.

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