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BlueRidge is a software extension for managing Basecamp to-do items, to-do lists and projects. Basecamp is a popular online project management application that keeps things simple. Many people liked their philosophy such that they use it for all their projects. Once a company becomes successful in completing and delivering their project, they get to do many more. When the projects come piling up, looking at all the to-do lists and items suddenly become anything but simple. Now, there is a way to get a good overview no matter how many projects a company is working on simultaneously. A similar app we found that may compete with BlueRidge is

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Organize Basecamp To-dos – BlueRidge connects to a user’s Basecamp account and capture all the to-do items in all to-do lists across all projects. Then it displays them through a web browser in an ordered, sortable and easy-to-read list. It eliminates the need for searching a particular item or list in a project among other items, lists and projects.
  • Other features ‚Äì Users can check a to-do item as done from BlueRidge. It can also export in CSV format with consideration of commas in To-do descriptions. Users do not have to authenticate with Basecamp every time they sign in. Future releases are intended to have the ability to show an overview of how many to-dos are assigned to each team member. Users will be able to assign due-dates and people to to-dos directly from the application. It will be able to sort by person, project, list or date. It will feature Mute and Solo filters as well as integrate with other project management systems.

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BlueRidge pricing plans differ by the number of projects a user sees at a time. The Free plan allows 3 projects at a time, Solo allows 5 projects, Manager shows up to 10 projects and Pro can show up to 30 at a time. Changing plans can be done at any time.

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Target Market

BlueRidge is for Basecamp users who need a better way to get an overview of to-dos and manage them across multiple projects.

Supported Language

Currently supports English only at the moment.

Some of their Clients

BlueRidge is very recently available. The developers described it in super-alpha mode.


A digital design and branding strategy company realized they were losing time and money because they could not get a good overview of all their to-dos at once. BlueRidge did a pretty good job of solving the problem.

Why BlueRidge

BlueRidge extends the capabilities of Basecamp in terms of managing to-do items and lists across multiple projects. Users do not have to wait for Basecamp to develop this feature. There is also no need to change to a new system to manage to-dos better.

Company Info

BlueRidge is a product of Nine Labs, a privately held information technology and services company based in Atlanta, GA, USA. It was founded in 2012 by J. Cornelius, also President of the company. The company specializes in brand strategy, user experience, interface design, information architecture, workflow engineering and systems integration. They help companies become more profitable by making the web, mobile, apps, and e-commerce a delightful experience for their customers.

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