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basecamp 3 logoBasecamp, in its 16th year in business, announced its latest and best version, Basecamp 3. The popular project management and collaboration software has taken their best ideas and customer insights to bring a new and improved version of their product. With the main theme of still keeping things simple for its users, the latest version includes several cool features that greatly enhanced its capability for communication and collaboration, organization, scheduling, to-dos, and reporting, along with other new productivity tools.

New and Improved Collaboration Features

Basecamp 3 recognizes the importance of communication and collaboration, as the team itself is distributed geographically across 32 different cities around the world. Some of the new features include the Campfire built-in chat, which is very useful for both one-to-one and group discussions, casual conversations, quick Q&As, or link sharing.

basecamp 3 campfire

Another cool feature is the Automatic Check-ins, where users can automatically schedule to check in with their team for any updates or issues. Users can now receive cascading notifications, and when on their desktop will receive a notification on their browsers, but if not, will receive it instead on their mobile app. If in case, they do not have the app, they will then receive an email, but not all three at once.

basecamp 3 check-ins

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Other new and improved features include the Hey! unified catch-all Basecamp inbox. This allows users of the project management and collaboration software to receive all kinds of notifications, messages, @mentions, to-do assignments and work completions in a neat, organized and threaded list. The latest version also have the Ping, a private instant message for quick and direct communication; the Applause for sending someone a discrete show of appreciation; @mentions for getting people’s attention or involvement; selectively share something easily whether or not with the team; and the Clientside to keep discussions with the client separate from internal discussions.

basecamp 3 hey inbox

Better Way of Organizing

Basecamp 3 also has improved organization capabilities for keeping work recognizable and more manageable. First, it has Folders that enables users to group together documents or files in neat categories, including those stored in the cloud. Thus, a user can group a local image file, a Google doc, and a PDF together in one folder.

basecamp 3 folders

Users can now colorcode a file or document for visually highlighting and easily locating it. They can turn a spreadsheet green, a Google doc blue, or a presentation file yellow. Other features include a Bookmark for one-click access to an item; a new Search with more filters; the Toolbox that allows users to customize which tools to turn on or off; and unlimited projects on all plans.

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New To-do and Scheduling Features

Task management and scheduling capabilities were also improved in the latest Basecamp version. For instance the new To-do allows users to assign a to-do to multiple people, set a due date or a date range. Bulk assignments are also now possible, as well as adding detailed notes and attaching files directly to the to-do.

basecamp 3 to-dos

A new Work Can Wait feature enables users to set up work schedule so they do not get messages or other notifications after work or weekends. For a historical audit trail of anything that anyone did on the project, the Timeline provides the information. Also, the Schedules feature organizes all milestones, deadlines and anything with dates, and provides the option for discussions or link to personal calendars.

basecamp 3 work can wait

Improved Reports, Mobile, and more

Basecamp 3 project management and collaboration software has new and improved features to help not only keep things simple for its customers but also add clarity and transparency. It has new Reports that provide users the information about anything overdue, due soon, or new to-dos, as well as what everybody else is doing or has been up to.

basecamp 3 report

It also includes updated native apps for iOS and Android, a brand new text editor, the ability to save new messages or documents as drafts, and an automated way to see the status of work assigned, with a notification for something that has been completed. To know the latest announcements and updates, visit their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page.

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