Top Software Alternatives to Assembla


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Assembla is a software development platform that ensures the control, compliance, and security of source code and the development process throughout the DevOps lifecycle. But for users who are looking for an Assembla alternative, there are several solutions to try.

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Assembla Alternatives: What to Look for

Assembla is a multi-repository platform for version control and project collaboration. Teams that need similar capabilities from Assembla competitors should check for the following features to ensure their company’s assets remain secure while having access to tools that improve productivity.

  • Flexible deployment and hosting options
  • Simple account administration with advanced permission controls
  • Version control with audit reports
  • Automated workflows and notifications
  • Collaboration through co-authoring, code review, drawing markup, proofing, and approval
  • Data security, including file encryption, risk management, and vulnerability assessment
  • Integration with repository platforms, applications, and services
  • Integrated issue tracking
  • Package management
  • Project and task management, with support for different project management methodologies
  • Time tracking
  • Resource management
  • Pre-built and custom reports
  • Mobile access

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Top Software Alternatives to Assembla

Assembla provides a secure platform to host and manage software development projects. However, users may need an alternative to Assembla for additional flexibility, seamless integration to an application, or a more specific industry solution. Below are our recommendations for top Assembla alternatives available today.

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What Is Assembla?

Assembla simplifies code management for teams and companies that have code on multiple repositories like Git, SVN, or Perforce. Users are pleased with its centralization capabilities, as well as its integrated issue tracking and project management tools. The built-in static analysis for code scanning and audit reporting also get high marks.

However, the sheer number of features requires users to read the documentation — which they describe as exhausting. Users wish for a more intuitive interface and how-to video tutorials. The software also offers tiered pricing on a per-user, per-month basis, but users think these plans are priced on the high side when compared to Assembla alternatives.

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Ready to Try an Assembla Alternative?

Assembla enables users to write code and build software in a secure and collaborative way. Businesses that need an alternative to Assembla for their project management needs can start with our short list to find the best solution.

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