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Overview Presentation

apollo-logoApollo is an online application that gives you the opportunity to control your working and personal life by integrating the two. This software provides the perfect digital assistance since it tracks your business activities to alert you whenever attention is needed in a particular area. You can, therefore, execute your business tasks without the worry of being overwhelmed by daily activities.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Efficient Project Management and Portability – With Apollo, all your projects and products are constantly synchronized, and an integration between the two done diligently to give you the chance to execute your duties with ease. The product can be used from anywhere and from any device. Provided the right device i.e. a laptop, PC, a smartphone or a tablet is available, this platform can be accessed from anywhere and still allow an individual to perform their duties. It is a cloud-based application, hence there is no need to install it on your device, and all maintenance and updating tasks are catered by the developer.
  • External Involvement and Integration with Existing Systems – Apollo enables other people to have access to your company data while at the same time preserving integrity and privacy of the information. This comes in handy when two companies need to share some information that mutually benefits them and they need to save operation costs. Systems like Google Drive and Dropbox are well-integrated within Apollo. Access to your documents is therefore made easier and convenient. For accounting services, Harvest and Freshbooks can be used to make invoices.
  • Reliable Customer Support – New features are constantly being added to Apollo. The ultimate goal is to make this product effective and interactive to the final user. User suggestions and ideas are also appreciated since the team of developers uses these suggestions to make the platform better and suitable to the final user.

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Apollo gives a free trial for 30 days for all account types (max, premium, plus, basic). The basic account is provided for a fee of $23 a month with unlimited project users and 5 GB storage. Plus account is offered for $48 per month with a 15 GB storage and unlimited deals and project users. Premium account is priced at $98 per month with 115 projects, 30 GB storage, and unlimited deals and project users. Max account is the top-rated account and comes with the finest features. It is charged for $148 a month and offers unlimited projects, 75 GB storage, unlimited project users, 50,000 contacts, unlimited CRM users and unlimited deals.


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Target Market

Apollo is suitable for small business, enterprises and medium class businesses. The maximum amount that can be offered by Max category is 75 GB, which gives enough storage for these business type to conveniently store their information. The large number of contacts and privacy integrated in the system gives ultimate security and confidence for any business to run its operations.

Supported Languages

The platform supports English language.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Liberty Online Marketing, Gresign, Clever Bean Media, MADSOFT Games, and Fuzen Design among others.

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Lars Grijsen, founder of Gresign, says that his work has been simplified since he gets a rest at the weekend due to the efficiency of Apollo. Tasks can be accomplished by Friday afternoon giving him the chance to relax on weekends.

Ben Parizek, Creative Director at Information is Beautiful, supports Apollo system strongly since his company works with projects, tasks and contacts so closely that he advocates Apollo as the perfect choice.

Why Apollo

Apollo controls all your business requirements from a single entity. It is like any typical application that is installed in your device. However, due to portability and high operation speed, it surpasses ordinary programs that achieve the same task.

Company Info

Apollo is a product of The Open Company Partners, which was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Walnut, California.

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