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Overview Presentation

aconex-logoAconex is a construction project management software that is successful in introducing a top level efficiency in construction businesses. Leading firms of the construction business seek the help of Aconex to ensure smooth running of their projects. This cloud-based application provides the users with absolute transparency and control over the project from the very moment the project is conceived through to its close-out and handover.

Features, Benefits, Product strengths

  • Construction and Infrastructure Projects Management – Aconex brings new level of efficiency to the construction industry. The general contractors get the information that is necessary to coordinate the processes between project managers, consultants, subcontractors and the clients. It helps to speed up the process and eliminates any chances of duplicate work across the entire project. Aconex provides with easy-to-use platform and controlled environment that is beneficial to everyone involved. It helps the Project Manager to accomplish more work in less time, and with little problems. The application allows the user to distribute plans and specifications, along with streamlining the reviews and tracking the contractor’s progress.
  • Functional and EPC/M Projects Management – Aconex helps the user to get the detailed report on progress across very complex projects that involve many independent parties. It provides extreme transparency that eliminates the chances of errors right from the beginning and results in successful completion. Everyone involved in the project, right from the owner to general contractors, project managers and EPC/Ms are able to work with all the necessary information that can make the project a real success. The EPC/M projects are well managed by this cloud-based project management software as it helps to drive higher productivity by the standardized document control and workflow functionality. It tracks every necessary aspect of the project and results in a controlled collaboration.
  • Resources and Expense Management – The benefits of Aconex include faster turnaround times and the decreased risks of disputes along with improving several aspects the project directly. It enables the owner to have the visibility that is needed to spot problems and control the risks that can result in delays and cost overruns. Aconex helps the smooth running of various infrastructure projects like Road & Rail, Water & Waste as well as Aviation & Port. Aconex costs considerably lesser than the typical installed solutions and there are no hidden licensing, implementation or support costs. This software is capable of reducing the complexity of the project and at the same time helps to find information instantly and resolves the issues really fast.

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Aconex believes in fair and transparent deals without any creeping expenses or fees that are unexpected. There are basically two types of pricing. The Unlimited Use Pricing is the most popular pricing plan that is designed for the companies that like to pay a fixed fee for one or multiple projects. This pricing includes the set up and Aconex unlimited (unlimited users, unlimited data, unlimited training and support and many more for every organisation of the project). The User-Based Pricing includes set up and unlimited data + unlimited training for any licensed user on the project.

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Target market

Aconex is the project management software for the construction industry. The main customers of Aconex are the firms that are involved in construction all round the globe. Aconex targets to provide the global construction agencies with the best suitable tools for their business.

Supported languages

Aconex supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese.

Some of their clients

Clients of Aconex include Confluence Enterprise, Indira Gandhi International Airport (Terminal 3), RTD FasTracks and Capital Programs, New York City Hall, Panama Canal Reconstruction Project, Antapaccay Copper Mine and many more.

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Silverstone Circuit, Buckingham Group testifies that Aconex has been great support to complete a massive construction project by providing all necessary management tools at very reasonable price.

Mats Nilsson, Deputy Property Manager of IKEA proclaims that Aconex is a great tool for implementing process across the projects and to share large documents.

Why Aconex?

Aconex is the project management software that is being used by many of the international construction firms. The sole reason behind choosing Aconex is the extraordinary efficiency in management tools. The availability of this software in different languages makes it truly global.

Company info

Aconex started it journey in 2000. Today, with 400+ employees, they are the most widely used online collaboration platform in the world for construction, infrastructure, energy and resources projects. Aconex allows owners, contractors, construction managers, EPCs, PMs as well as consultants to collaborate securely, easily and efficiently.

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