Absorb LMS Software: Overview – Features – Pricing


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Overview Presentation

Absorb LMS is a learning management system designed to administer and manage learning and development with significantly less effort. It is a system that takes into consideration both learners and administrators. The system is robust and easy to use as it is easy to manage. And it is not limited to only the best interface and software features, but also extends to 24/7 support for inquiries and customer care. The software is designed to anticipate the clients’ need.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Customizable Learning Interface, Smart Administration – Absorb LMS provides learners an LMS interface that is accessible and easy to use. The learner dashboard and course modules allow users to simply start training right after they log in. No training needed to know how to take any training course. Learning administrators can customize interfaces for different learners. They can customize about 1500 terms, phrases and messaging templates. They can also recognize learner achievements through badges. Smart administration enables users to schedule and automate repetitive tasks. It also works for both simple and complex deployment. Other features include flexible structure and portal license models for simple hierarchy or multi-tenant structure. Groups can be used to deploy learning across departments for specific roles only.
  • Branding, Mercury Module – This LMS can be configured to reflect the organization’s brand and emphasize training and communication priorities. Clients can deploy their branding needs through their own logo, images, icons, wordmarks, and corporate colors, among others. The Mercury Module gives administrators a set of powerful tools to create engaging and interactive learning environment. It allows admins to target learners with content that matters to them. The module allows the option to further customize header graphics, fonts, login screen, and the learner dashboard layout. It also has billboards for promotional purpose, where it can display static images or videos. Other features include polls, contests, news articles, social content, and more.
  • Reporting, E-commerce, Business Intelligence Module, and more – Absorb LMS reports feature allow users to go over data and generate reports on learning programs. Moreover, they can take actions, for example, enroll a group of users in a course directly from the Report interface. Reports are configurable, can show/hide columns, reorganize and reorder, or apply dynamic filters. Selling courses is also easy with an integrated e-commerce module. For advanced ad hoc dashboards and reporting, the business intelligence module enables users to schedule regular generation of reports and share them by email to key stakeholders. There are also pre-built report templates which can be customized. HTML5 technology delivers great learning experience across devices and screen size. It also integrates with other systems such as HRIS, CRM, etc., through RESTful API. Other features include 99.99 percent uptime, AWS S3 infrastructure and global servers, nightly security scans, regular audits, PCI compliance, and more.


Absorb LMS pricing is unique in every deployment, so pricing is not fixed and displayed. Factors to consider are types of customers (internal, external), number of users, integration with type of HRIS, CRM, SSO, and other systems. They offer a 30-day no-risk cancellation policy.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Absorb LMS is ideal for mid-size to large businesses across all industries. However, even small business are realizing its value.

Supported Languages

Supports English and 24 other languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Dale Carnegie, Airbnb, Gap, Johnson&Johnson, Swarovski, and NYU.


Jack Makhlouf described Absorb LMS as the most progressive and intuitive platform he has seen. They were able to brand the interface in great detail, resulting in great user experience. Steve Price described his experience with the e-learning company as a fantastic two years. He compares it with the other systems he has worked with in his 15 years, and he states that Absorb LMS is simply the best.

Why Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a product of thoughtful design and tested technology. It has won awards successively for many years with many successful customer stories as proof. They have over 600 clients across the globe in industries such as business, communication, computers, construction, education, energy, food, government, health, manufacturing, retail and transportation.

Company Info

Absorb LMS is the flagship product of Absorb Software Inc., a privately held e-learning and technology company with headquarters in Calgary, AB, Canada, and subsidiary office in Dublin, Ireland. It was formerly named Blatant Media, founded in 2003 by Mike Eggermont and Mike Owens. In January 2017, the company renamed to Absorb Software. Eggermont has exited the company in August 2017, but Owens is still CEO. In September, the company received investment funding of about $59 million from Silversmith Capital Partners. The company is hiring and expanding. It is also going to use the additional investment to accelerate development of Absorb LMS.

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