7 Best WordPress Project and Task Management Plugins

WordPress is, without a doubt, the world’s most powerful CRM software today. This software powers a third of all of the web’s sites, allowing users to create beautiful designs and powerful features. In simple terms, WordPress is the easiest content management system (CMS) for websites for powerful blogging.

Even with its current features, WordPress’ functionality can still be extended through the use of plugins. Plugins are pieces of software that contain a set of functionality that can extend those of a WordPress website. These plugins enable users to manage everything directly from their website’s dashboard. And because of these plugins, WordPress sites can now have the functionality of project management tools like Asana, among others.

So what are the best WordPress plugins to use for project and task management?

WP Project Manager

Task and project management have never been this easy with the WP Project Manager plugin. When used on a WordPress website, there won’t anymore be any need for another tool. Teams can track their tasks online and even discuss on WordPress the projects of the team. More importantly, users can track their progress through the reporting page and determine where the team needs to improve on.

Additionally, this plugin lets users do the following:

  • Users can create a project. There is no limit to the number of projects made and they can all be seen on one page.
  • Use the overview page of every project for progress tracking.
  • Check the activity tab to see what has already been done on the project. 
  • Users can also create discussions and respond to discussions with comments, making it look like a forum.
  • Users can create to-do lists for each project and assign team members to these tasks.
  • Teams can share files between them through the built-in file system.
  • Teams can also celebrate milestones to strengthen the team and motivate their members.

An added advantage of the WP Project Manager is that it has a free version that people can use immediately. Though the entire system can already be used, the features may be limited such as the creation of folders in the files system. Also, users cannot set their start and end dates. However, if they prefer to enjoy the different features, they can choose from the 3-tier plans, namely:

  • Personal Plan which costs $79 per domain annually
  • Professional Plan at $149 annually
  • Business Plan at $249 annually

Whichever of the three a team uses, the 14-day money-back guarantee applies.

WordPress Project Management by Upstream

Managing projects within WordPress itself is made possible with the WordPress Project Management by Upstream plugin. The advantage of this plugin is that it doesn’t only let users manage their progress. More importantly, it also helps them see tasks and bugs that need immediate fixing, based on their assigned tasks.

There are also premium extensions available with the plugin.

  • The project timeline allows users to create Gantt-style charts for their projects.
  • Frontend edit allows editing or updating of projects from the frontend which is easy for clients.
  • Email notifications send updates and reminders for people involved in the project.
  • Custom fields enable users to gather data and information from teams, including tasks and bugs that need to be fixed.
  • Customizer allows users to customize their dashboard with a color and logo of their choice.
  • Copy project is a capability that duplicates an existing project.
  • Calendar view updates users with upcoming due dates, tasks, and milestones.

The Upstream plugin is a free version but does not provide access to the extensions. Users who only need access to the frontend edit and copy project extensions can opt to get the $49-basic plan. However, those who need all of the above extensions and a license for one site can go for the professional plan worth $75. The license for 10 sites costs a bit higher in the agency plan for $99.

Project Panorama

Project Panorama is a plugin that users can use for streamlining the process of managing their projects within their dashboard. It is a more convenient way of allowing the entire team to see the progress of their project and what needs to be done.

With the plugin, there are more things that users can do, including the following:

  • Seeing the assigned tasks and deadlines of the projects
  • Moving discussions from the inbox into threaded discussions under projects to make following conversations easier
  • Allowing users to assign tasks from the project pages or dashboard
  • Displaying a project management page that reflects the documents shared, milestones reached, and project overall progress
  • Creating enticing dashboards that show where the team stands in every project

Subscribers of the Project Panorama can get the license with a year of updates and support. They also get 50% off on their succeeding years of renewal.

Meanwhile, it also has the individual plan that entitles the user to a 1-site license for $59. Its business plan costs $69 with a 5-site license. If that is not enough, the agency plan provides sequential tasks and editor add-ons, in addition to a 25-site license, for $119.

Projectopia WP Project Management

Projectopia WP Project Management is available on the CodeCanyon marketplace and is considered the best-selling WP Project Management plugin there.

The plugin has quite an array of capabilities such as:

  • Auto-assigning tickets to team members for clients
  • Creating subtasks and changing the order of milestones and tasks, aside from simply making them
  • Creating invoices that are recurring and allowing clients to make payments through Paypal or Stripe
  • Creating a frontend dashboard that allows clients to check the progress of the projects
  • Assigning of roles to members using fewer permissions

Users can get the main plugin for $41 which is good for 6 months with support and updates. There are also other add-ons to choose from which range from $15 to $23. Some of these are reporting add-on, suppliers and expenses add-on, 2checkout add-on, and Woocommerce add-on. However, it may be more practical to get the ultimate version for only $120.

Kanban boards for WordPress

Kanban boards for WordPress functions like Trello where users can see the progress of the projects with one glance. It can be used for assigning tasks to members, assessing how long a project can take to complete, filtering and searching through tasks, giving access to users, and seeing the work go live as it is completed.

The premium version allows add-ons that enable:

  • Commenting for users to discuss tasks with each other
  • Labelling of tasks by colors to set priorities
  • Notification whenever changes have been made
  • Multiple boards to allow every user to own a board for a smoother workflow

Users who want to get only the core plugin can find it for free in the WordPress Plugin directory. However, the pro add-ons can be accessed through the $149 annual subscription or the $499 lifetime license.

SP Project and Document Manager

The target of the SP Project and Document Manager, created by Smarty Pants, is the user’s file management data. It allows its users to manage on their server an unlimited number of images, media, records, and documents. Documents are secured because they can be accessed only by the people that have the login details. The plugin comes with an easy layout to allow clients to modify and add projects more easily.

The premium version offers more capabilities. In addition to the usual features of free versions, the SP Project and Document Manager can:

  • Add files from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Add email reminders and comment on files
  • View videos without using another app but in the file viewer itself
  • Export data from the CSV site

The list goes on so users are encouraged to check the premium features to make sure they are getting the add-ons they need.

Task Manager Pro

The Task Manager Pro is available on the CodeCanyon marketplace and is suitable for managing tasks within a group. Its features received a 5-star rating on CodeCanyon.

Its features include:

  • Having a ticket management system
  • Commenting on tasks to discuss the details of a project
  • User notification or task update
  • Assigning tasks to specific groups of people or individual
  • Creating tasks within a project

Best of all, it is only priced at $29.



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