6 Ideas To Increase Your Workplace ivity

In today’s office environment, productivity is the name of the game. It’s all about how quickly you deliver something wonderful. Time is of the essence and so is opportunity. All of us strive to get ahead, but how do a selected few outshine the rest?

They say, when things get too complicated, go back to the basics. The key to an impressive level of productivity lies in fundamental work ethics. ivity is the result of intelligent planning, focused efforts and a commitment to hard work.

Here, we outline 6 winning ideas that will skyrocket your productivity at your workplace:

1. Plan, prioritize and track

Always hit the office with a plan of action. Spend the last 10 minutes of your day, planning the next. List down all your tasks and then prioritize them on the basis of significance and time commitment. The Pareto Principle of time management holds that 20% of what we do accounts for 80% of the overall outcome. So, be sure to identify your three most important objectives for the coming day, so that even if you get engaged in unforeseen assignments, you know exactly what to work on when you come back to your desk.

Many times we end up working on a handful of tasks and neglect the rest. In order to give due importance to all necessary tasks, be sure to allocate deadlines to all identified tasks and then stick to them. Research shows that only 17% of people are able to accurately gauge the passage of time, moreover, it may be simply burdensome to carry your to-do list with you all day long.

So, make use of time tracking applications such as Minterapp which allow you to list down tasks, allocate timelines, monitor progress and efficiency, identify your most productive hours in a day, and remind you of upcoming deadlines. Such applications relieve you of manual time tracking, enabling you to focus on your work. Moreover, they are recommended as they are usually cloud-based, meaning you can access them no matter where you are.

2. Work in intervals

Human beings are capable of focusing on a task only for limited periods of time. According to the Promodo Technique, working in 25-minute blocks followed by a 5-minute break increases your mental agility thus making you more productive and creative and reduces chances of burnout.

Yet another useful productivity hack is to use the two-minute rule. According to this rule, if you identify a task that you feel you can complete within 2 minutes, finish it off instantly. You’ll be surprised at how much you would have achieved at the end of the day.

Depending on the nature of your work, use these methods to optimize the quality of your work and keep yourself motivated throughout the day.

3. Beware of distractions

Distractions are an inevitable part of life and involve everything from texts to social media to untimely chats by the coffee machine. These distractions may seem innocent enough, but they cause a change in your work pattern and lead to an instantaneous drop in productivity.

Since, you can’t completely ignore them, manage them and let them work to your advantage! Emails are essential but they tend to deviate us from our day’s crucial assignments, so begin by setting specific time periods for checking and responding to emails.

Leave your socializing for necessary breaks, so that you use them to help you recoup. For all other times, be sure to switch off all notifications so that you can capitalize on your productive rhythm.

The biggest time drainers between nine to five are lengthy meetings and phone calls. Therefore, develop the habit of wrapping up meetings within the predefined timelines and leave any pending issues for a follow up meeting. Refrain from spending more than 10 minutes while answering any phone call.

4. Avoid multitasking

A huge amount of workload often tempts us to undertake multiple tasks simultaneously. However, contrary to popular belief, attempts to multitask actually cause wastage of time and decreased productivity. Therefore, identify one important task and follow it through with your undivided attention.

5. Work together

Two crucial constituents of productivity include never compromising on quality and always adhering to committed deadlines. Since, this is impossible to do single-handedly, be sure to reach out to your colleagues for help. Doing so is an admirable quality in work environments as it fosters team spirit. Here, the key to success lies in trust and communication. Therefore, communicate everything your colleagues need to know, in order to complete the task in the best possible way before the deadline. Make sure you provide them with all necessary tools and resources.

6. Healthy body and mind

Develop habits like regular exercises or meditation, as they will increase your stamina and relieve stress. Adequate amounts of sleep will enable your body as well as mind to work at their optimum capacity. Moreover, trade in fatty junk food items for healthy alternatives such as nuts, berries, granola bars, etc. These healthy snacks will give you the nutrition you need to thrive, without making you feel sleepy. Also, avoid sugary drinks as they will only energize you for a short period of time. Instead, opt for healthier and lasting options like green tea which will not only provide you with caffeine but are also easy to digest.

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