4 Qualities Managers Must Have to Increase the Productivity of Their Employees

Often, many corporates face the dilemma of low productivity and poor sales. While the reasons for this may differ in every organization, sector and industry, one of the most common causes for this is bad management. Managers are the most important counterparts of an organization and hold a key position in inspiring, supporting and motivating their employees to help them become the best version of themselves. If done properly, managers can increase the productivity and efficiency of an organization by several folds and stimulate a healthy work environment for the employees. In this article, we will share 5 ways you as a manager can increase the productivity of your workforce and reflect a positive brand image for your organization.

Be the Best of You

While many managers like spending their efforts trying to learn from successful role models, they often forget originality and start diminishing their own authenticity. There is absolutely no harm in learning from successful managers, as long as you are not demeaning your personal identity. Overcompensating for workstyles that are built on different leadership qualities can be detrimental to your efforts and can take a serious toll on your role as a manager. You must behave in a manner that engenders consistency, conviction, and true morals to keep your workforce motivated and energetic. Once you have figured out how to bring out the best within you, learning from others will become even easier.

Trust and Transparency

You may have heard this before that trust is the very foundation of any relationship. Being a manager, this comes twice as important since you not only manage a team, but also speak for their behalf to the top brass. Unfortunately, the majority of managers that we surveyed stated that trust was a major problem in their organization and its absence created several management obstacles that proved detrimental to the company’s productivity. They admitted that building an honest and transparent culture where the employees feel their best at work was crucial. Therefore, adding transparency and good communication with your workforce becomes as one of the most crucial steps to reform yourself as a better manager.

Give Recognition to Employees

Giving credit and recognition to your hardworking employees is one of the most neglected practices. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most effective ones to increase productivity in your team. This involves being attentive to other efforts, establishing a good line for communication, and conveying their output positively to the higher management. Organizations that sideline this imperative suffer from productivity shortfalls and set a bad precedence in the market. Appreciating good work and giving workers the credit they deserve can influence a vibrant atmosphere that directly impacts the company’s productivity. You will be surprised just how much a small compliment such as, “Good Job ” can stir up the motivation levels of your employees.

Be a Risk Taker

Risk takers are rare to come by and often criticized in organizations. Risk-taking is an uncommon quality that cuts both ways. It can take the organization years ahead of its growth, or spiral into a costly catastrophe. But mastering this art can not only help you take calculated risks that yield desired outcomes but also keep your workforce supportive and energetic when the decision is in the making. For example, during Walmarts’s transition into AI Sales prediction, the idea was met with great criticism. But as they proceeded with the decision, Walmart experienced 10% to 15% increase for $1 billion using AI sales prediction. Since failures are mostly met with harsh criticism in today’s corporate culture, managers often refrain from taking risks and waste many opportunities to increase productivity in their organization. However, those that pay no heed to discouragement and press on with their gut instinct achieve many feats and become an invaluable asset for their organization.

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