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Zapty Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

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Zapty is an online teamwork and project collaboration tool, combining core features and productivity tools to provide users seamless collaboration, discussion and document sharing. It puts conversations at the center of work, and from there, users naturally discover and manage work while conversing/collaborating with anyone inside or outside the organization. It is more effective than email, providing organization and structure to conversations and teams, and at the same time creating transparency and accountability in tracking the completion of tasks and projects.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Actionable Conversations, Task Management and Project Tracking ‚Äì Zapty project collaboration tool combines actionable conversations and task management such that users are able to collaborate in real-time. From a single platform where conversations take place, users can easily take action from their brainstorming session or project discussions because task management is fully integrated in the platform. Therefore, no separate or additional PM tool is required, because from these conversations, a sequence of tasks can be created, assigned, set a deadline, and tracked.
  • Inbox/Activity Stream and Document Sharing ‚Äì This online teamwork collaboration tool provides users with a central inbox where all activities and feeds are collected and shown. It is the solution to unmanageable email clutter and threads that can easily get lost. From the tool’s inbox, users can easily jump into the entire thread and see the whole context, be it a message, a task, a workflow or an uploaded file. Also, users can attach, organize and share documents with the whole team, even allowing annotations so users can comment on the file. In a centralized way, tasks, notes, links, and polls can be added on the file.
  • Personal To-dos, Workflows, Mobility and more ‚Äì Zapty has a simple to-do feature that is easy to create from the browser or app using any supported device. It has polling feature that allows users to get the opinion of others in seconds. From within the conversation, users can send requests for approval with an approval workflow feature. It centralizes all activities and tools together, including Hangouts for video conferencing. It also has powerful global search capability with advanced filters. Native Android and iOS apps are also available, enabling users to stay in the loop while on the go.
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Zapty offers several freemium plans with increasing number of features as plans go higher. The Personal plan is for free, includes for unlimited users, unlimited conversations, to-dos, basic task management and document collaboration, image annotations, threaded messages in uploaded files, and video conferencing. The Team plan is also for free, includes for up to 15 members, all features in the Personal plan, and also a custom domain, up to 5 teams, 1 project, limited integrations and search. The Standard plan is priced at $3 per user per month paid monthly, and is ideal for small businesses with modern, collaborative teams. The next higher plans are the Business and Enterprise plans with more features also. A special, limited-time Business plan is offered that includes for unlimited members. Annually paid plans are discounted. zapty pricing

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Target Market

Zapty is for all types of businesses in need of a collaboration tool with integrated task management, project tracking and document sharing capabilities. It is greatly beneficial to tech startups, creative and digital marketing agencies, law firms, educational institutions, trade associations, and non-profits.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Instavans and Webenza. Take me to their Website


Vinay Goyal stated that Zapty is unique in offering so many features within a single work tool. Their team finds image annotation and recurring tasks features very effective. Puneet Pahuja stated that the ability to get client approvals, internal collaboration and video conferencing feature using a single platform has led to time savings and increase in productivity.

Why Zapty

Zapty is a modern work tool that puts emphasis on collaboration as the beginning of any productive work. It is an enabling platform with integrated features such that from conversations, work naturally flows and progresses, and then intuitively supported by the right features, be it to-do lists, task assignments, document sharing or video conferencing.

Company Info

Zapty Inc., is a privately held Internet software and service company with head office in Sunnyvale, CA, USA and development office in Bangalore, India. It was founded in 2014 by Arvind Agarwal and Sanjay Shah. In a previous venture, the founders experienced collaboration issues during a rapid growth stage of the business, and soon after being acquired by a company with multiple offices without a single tool to tackle the problem. An idea to create a new platform was born and Zapty was launched, allowing the employees to converse in the context of what they are doing.
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