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Wrike.com - Practical Project Management
Wrike.com is an online project management solution which changes the way one works by simplifying the task management and enhancing collaboration.

Because of the patent pending Intelligent Email Engine, different teams and individuals can integrate the email communications into their project planning for higher efficiency. There are many functions that the intelligent email engine offers to the users:

  • Creating tasks through email: The patented e-mail integration feature makes it easy to track emails along with the tasks assigned to the team members. The need for status update query is removed along with the danger of team missing out on a specific action item because of cluttered mail boxes. Which ever be the email system that you are using, you will just have to add [email protected] in the “cc ” field so as to create a new task and assign it automatically. The task due date and folder too can be added so as to make tracking easier.
  • Task update through email: Using the email engine, the project manager can easily change the task parameters, post updates, comments through the email created for the task. The task status can be updated, rescheduled, reassigned, change the task’s importance, etc. One can add images, documents as attachments thus ensuring that everyone is on the same version of the document in question.
  • Create folders through email: It is very simple to create folders for the different projects on the basis of the task email sent. One would just have to write the folder name within square brackets in the subject line so as to create a specific folder. This makes the job of organizing and tracking different tasks/projects easier.
  • Replying to email notifications: The project manager will be getting notifications on the changes done by the team members on the tasks assigned. The manager can reply to the notifications if required and the reply will be appearing as a comment under the task. Similarly attachments sent for a specific task will be attached as files in the task folder, and the updates to the documents would be in track changes mode.
  • To do emails for everyday management: Using Wrike one can use the daily to-do emails automatically created, thus helping in time management. These interactive emails can be updated on the basis of task completion and be changed as required. Those tasks which are pending since long I.e. for more than 5 days will become a unimportant task. There are weekly reminders for the tasks overdue making it really easy to be on top of your deliverables.

These are some of the great features that make the Wrike project management solution has when it comes to its unique intelligent email engine.

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