Wrike Subtasks and New iOS App Released

wrike logoWrike project management software is helping thousands of users accomplish more with its innovative online collaboration solutions. Goals are kept in focus, priorities are set, and teams are aligned to work faster and smarter. In the previous release, task management, notification and integration have helped people be more efficient and transparent to complete day-to-day work easier. The latest update includes the frequently-requested subtasks feature as well as the much anticipated iOS app. Work has become more manageable and more accessible.

Wrike Subtasks

Getting started to initiate a project or launch a product is easier with Wrike project management software. Users can easily create tasks and assign teams to get the job done. However, a big project can result to tasks that are still too large that involve small groups of people. Now, with the introduction of subtasks, complex tasks can be broken further down to more manageable work. Moreover, each subtask can be small enough to be assigned to one person, which, overall, will be easier to monitor and track.

Wrike subtasks

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For instance, one of the tasks of a huge project is creating a new e-book. This task has been assigned to a team composed of 4 persons. The team lead can divide the tasks further to subtasks involving the creation of an e-book copy, editing the copy, and creating the layout. Each subtask is now easier to assign to one person, and each person’s progress is easier to monitor. The subtask tab has a progress bar that shows completion. Once all three subtasks are completed, the team lead knows that the task is almost done. This feature is available to all paid customers.

Wrike App for iOS

In January, Wrike project management software introduced a native Android app that received great feedback. Now, the much awaited native app for iOS has been released. All users now have a faster and more stable mobile app to get the job done. The app for iOS allows users to post ideas, leave questions or feedback, upload images, or update status wherever they are. As long as they have their iPhone or iPad, they can collaborate with the team even without their laptop or going back to their office desk.

wrike new ios

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The updated Wrike app for iOS has a new design with features that function the same way they do in browsers. Therefore, no re-orientation or re-learning is necessary. Furthermore, it has two new features added. Every task list has a field at the top where users can quickly create a new task without navigating to another screen. Also, completing a task, tagging it, or deleting it only requires one finger swipe motion to the right, while scheduling a task requires swiping to the left.

wrike swipe

Making Businesses Even More Productive

Wrike project management software and online collaboration solutions provide users all over the world a central place where work and its progress is clearly viewed. Subtasks help complex tasks become more manageable, and native mobile apps with elegant interface and robust design keep teams in sync and on track even on the go. To know more about the latest happening, visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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