Wrike: New Custom Fields, Android App, Salesforce Templates

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wrike logoWrike all-in-one collaboration and project management software has announced numerous enhancements and new features to help its users work easier, more efficient and transparent. Going beyond traditional task and project management, this work management solution is introducing more ways for users to add custom details and include what matters to them. It has increased ways to use email for instantly notifying project team members, and has made it easier for Android users to collaborate and get updated. Last but not the least, it has introduced new templates for Salesforce users that make it simple for them to work with cross-functional teams.

Custom Field Additions

Wrike online project management software continues to improve features with two more updates to Custom fields. First, they now have the option to apply their custom field and format data either to the folder level only or bring it down further to the task and subtask level. Users can select where their data will live when they are adding a custom field column from Table View. Second, there is a new field type called ‘user’ which will select users from the account and display them in a dropdown menu. This field type will automatically pull up a list of users as soon as people start typing a name in the cell.

wrike user custom field

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Auto @Mention from Email

Wrike has powerful email integration which allows users to create and update a task from email, change a task importance, reschedule a task, email a comment to an existing task, and many other activities. The latest release has made email integration more versatile with the ability to reply to a work colleague’s @mentions from the user’s inbox. When users get a notification from a colleague who used @mention, they can reply using their email and the sender will be immediately notified. He or she will be @mentioned and will receive the comment under the relevant task.

wrike auto at-mention

Android App Enhancements

Project work can continue to move and progress even when users are on the go through Wrike‘s mobile apps. Very recently, they have added enhancements on the Android app to help users edit faster with the Live Editor. The enhancement will give users a completely new experience as task descriptions load faster and display all changes. It now supports the Swipe keyboard so they can type faster, add images, copy and paste text, and create bullet points or check lists. Also, the latest app release has an Offline mode that allows users to continue to access their tasks, create new ones, make edits and add comments while offline, but will synchronize and upload all changes when it gets a connection. And just like the web version, users can now keep the folders most often used on top of the folder tree.

wrike android live editor

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Wrike Project Templates in Salesforce

Sales teams using Salesforce can now work seamlessly with teams from other departments working on Wrike. The new Salesforce Project Templates from Wrike can be linked in Salesforce which will provide sales professionals a menu of project choices that has been configured in the PM application. All changes and updates by the sales team on Salesforce will be reflected on Wrike for the cross-functional team to work on. They will immediately see the new project and get notifications. This has many applications such as when implementing standard work packages where a template of project tasks and schedules are already defined. It can also be used for legal reviews, sales demonstration, or marketing support materials. Salesforce Project Templates are available to Wrike Enterprise users.

wrike salesforce template

Wrike project management and collaboration platform continues to bring new features and improvements to make day-to-day work easier for its customers. For more of the latest announcements and updates, visit their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page.

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