Wrike Introduces Dynamic Platform Release

wrike logoWrike project management software has announced its latest release after working on it for more than a year. Last month, it has made available the Dynamic Platform that can completely change how users use the online collaboration solution. The company, since the launch of its PM software, continues to build a top-notch product with its fast-paced innovation. As a result, it has made thousands of customers happy, and with its latest release, will definitely make a lot more.

Adapting to the Way You Work

Wrike‘s Dynamic Platform release is a successful attempt to create a balanced project management software that has flexibility and ease of use, but also has the power to be useful for almost all types of situations. The new work platform is now more scalable and adaptable to fit diverse types of businesses. It does not work in isolation with other solutions, and is easier to integrate and customize for developers.

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New Custom Fields

Wrike Enterprise users now have the new custom fields which will enable them to track whatever it is they need to track. Each business or project is unique, but the new Dynamic Platform can cater to special requirements, be it tracking budget, priority or status. One way to use the power of custom fields is by managing the budget by tracking project budget and costs. Another way is by customizing workflow by defining specific work status and putting them in dropdown lists. Still another way is by prioritizing work with the creation of priority descriptions such as Critical, Major and Minor so that the team knows exactly what to work on. Many other ways exist and it is for users to imagine and develop their own.

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The beauty of the new Wrike custom fields is the ease of how they can be used, as simple as adding a new column to a table. Custom fields can be added to any folder from the Table view. Folders can be configured separately to have its own unique set of custom fields available throughout the application. Once added, it will appear as a new icon seen from the Task view. It will be available on all tasks, and can be used in Filters, where filtered views can be added to a user’s Dashboard.

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Powerful Integrations, New App Portal

Wrike’s Dynamic Platform release is ready to work with other tools and solutions such as existing CRM, email clients, or cloud storage applications. The company has been working hard to deliver more integrations and is proud to announce integrations with Salesforce, Evernote, Wufoo and Zendesk. More apps are getting connected through Zapier and all these can be easily seen on Wrike’s new App Portal.

New API and Developer Portal

Wrike project management software and online collaboration solution is also making it easier and simpler for developers to integrate with the software. API v3 is the latest version and it includes features such as subtasks, custom statuses and account management functions. The new Developer Portal provides the API keys and other information that will help companies and organizations customize Wrike uniquely for their business to run successfully. For the latest news, visit their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages.


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