Wrike Auto-Assigned Workflows Speed Up & Simplify Processes

Wrike online software delivers a work automation solution for a variety of teams. Aside from features that help provide clarity, accountability, and real-time status, it also has tools that help accelerate results. Thus, teams can be agile and productive as they get more work done for their customers. The new auto-assign workflows feature adds to the the flexible functionality of the PM software. With it, users can shorten waiting time and eliminate unnecessary work. This leads to faster product or service delivery, to the delight of customers.

Auto-Assigning Workflow Stages

The new auto-assign workflows feature enables Business, Enterprise, and Wrike for Marketer plan users to automatically assign work to team members. By auto-assigning workflow stages, an assignee will automatically be alerted that they can start work as soon as tasks enter that specific workflow stage. To enable this, users should define each stage of their workflow. Next, they should assign each stage to add 1 or more team members. As such, assignees will be alerted as work enters a workflow stage where they are assigned to.

Best Use Cases

The Wrike auto-assign workflow is ideal for certain work improvements and automation. It can be used to simplify work, as an alternative to using templates, or used together within templates. It can help organize work, especially when choosing folders or projects that use auto-assigned workflows. It can automate processes that cater to customer needs, when used together with Requests that create a task or project from a template that includes an auto-assigned workflow. Users can update or remove assignees at any time. Also, they can visualize all the work, including those in auto-assigned workflows, in Dashboards and Reports by status.

How to Maximize Auto-Assigned Workflows

To take advantage of this feature and get the most benefit, users should set processes with flexible timelines. When working with specialists or other partners, make sure to time-box the time they spent. It is important also to designate regular teams for an entire process. Another useful tip with this auto-assigned feature is to time the assignment just before the work starts. With this, project managers can empower their teams to self-manage, and pick up their assignments as it comes in. For security purposes, users can also limit the view of certain workflows, such as legal or client reviews.

Helping Teams Deliver Faster

Wrike supports a wide range of teams, including those aspiring agility. The auto-assign workflows feature helps speed up and simplify processes. Incorporating this automation feature creates an approach that eliminates waiting time. It also prevents rework due to incomplete data, because tasks will be assigned only after requirements and prior stages are complete. All these can result in a shortened planning time, hands-off processes that automatically moves, reduced rework and minimal to no unnecessary meetings. Therefore, results are delivered faster, with less stress also for the team.

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