Wrike Announces Availability of Reports on Mobile Apps

Wrike project management software promotes unimpeded teamwork. It supports teams throughout the project lifecycle, from start to finish. Moreover, it facilitates communication and collaboration in every stage or phase. The always-available, online software enables users to update tasks, receive feedback, and stay in the loop even while on the go. Its native mobile apps for iOS and Android provide the needed features for teams to stay connected and respond faster. Now, they can also access Reports on their phones and tablets.

Advantages of Reports on Mobile Devices

Reports allow users to make more informed decisions. They are able to access real-time information about projects and teams. The ability to get these critical information on their phones and tablets bring several advantages. First, it is convenient to have access to information during meetings, client visits, while commuting or traveling. Second, it takes only one tap from a notification to a report. Also, it is easy to share presentation-ready information from phones or tablets to large screen monitors.

Combined Graphical and Table Reports on Wrike for Android

Wrike is also introducing a new, mobile-first feature in announcing the availability of Reports on mobile. For example, Android tablets and large phone users now have the combined graph/table report feature. Therefore, they can view both table and chart reports on the same screen. Other features include easily toggling between chart or table views for any report. They can also flip chart axes and toggle between columnar and bar charts either stacked or side-by-side.

Reports with Editable Task/Project Screen on Wrike for iPad

On the other hand, iOS iPad users can view a report and edit task or project descriptions at the same screen. Other details they can edit on the Task/Project pane are schedules, assignees, attachments, and more. Table reports can be viewed on both iOS and Android apps. Graphical reports, however, are available on the Android app at the moment. It is important to note also that Reports feature on mobile apps for both platforms are available to Wrike Business, Enterprise and Marketer plan users only.

How to View Reports on Mobile Devices

To view a report on devices using the mobile apps, users must first create the report using the desktop or laptop version. After the report has been created, mobile users can simply open the app, tap on Reports, or tap the 3-bar More icon, then Reports. Users can then select from the list the particular report they want to view. They can try Reports on mobile when trying the Business plan for a 2-week free trial period.

Other Wrike Mobile App Features

Aside from the new Reports feature now available on Wrike mobile apps, other features can help users better manage their work and communication while on the go. For instance, the recently released Requests feature allows them to submit and manage requests as tasks and projects. They can respond to urgent @mentions they receive on their mobile, or monitor workflow in personal or shared Dashboards. Users on the Professional, Business, Enterprise and Marketer plan can also track actual time spent.

More Wrike users are going mobile

As work requirements go beyond the office space, users are adapting with modern tools and devices that also give them more flexibility and mobility. In a recent survey, more Wrike users are taking advantage of multiple devices (and platforms) as they collaborate and get things done in more creative ways.

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