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WP-Client is a premium WordPress plugin that provides a comprehensive web portal management solution. It is fully compatible with the latest WP version 4.4.1, and has been designed to easily integrate with existing WordPress websites. It is highly customizable and includes many free and affordable extensions whose functions can be easily enabled or disabled. It is a secure, private portal with login created for each client and several control permissions and defined roles for selective and safe information access. Most importantly, it has a project management extension which will be the focus of this article.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project and Task Management – With WP-Client Project Management Extension, users of the plugin can create projects and assign clients through a centralized Project Dashboard. It integrates with the current client base so users can assign projects to their client or enable potential clients to register on their own. They can also assign tasks to one responsible person or break it down further into smaller subtasks so that more people can work on and be accountable for it. Users can also group tasks and define it as a milestone. A completed project can then be archived which will still be viewable and available for review.
  • File Sharing and Collaboration – Users and team members can upload files and assign them to projects, which will then be available for download by those with the proper user permission, role or project assignment. The extension is ready for collaboration through its Team Talk, a group messaging system within the plugin. Users are notified when messages are posted. Files can also be shared. Discussions with clients as well as file sharing is possible with Client Talk. An Activity Stream also displays a full list of recorded activity, which includes information on created, completed or deleted tasks, uploaded files and assigned teammates.
  • Permission Control and User Roles – The Project Management Extension allows for permission control so that project information and details are assigned only to team members and clients involved. No unnecessary data is seen in their dashboard. Built-in user roles with default permissions allow for easy administration. Users can assign the role of Project Managers to delegate tasks and responsibilities, Teammates to allow access to resources and get work done, and Freelancers to allow access to temporary outside help.

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WP-Client comes in four premium packages with one time licensing fee. The Basic with a $59 license fee, Plus at $119, Developer at $199, and White Label at $349. All these comes with free updates for 1 year. A $20/year option allows users to have continuous update and support. The Project Management Extension requires a one-time purchase together with the WP-Client Core plugin and up-to-date $20/year subscription. There are four packages for the PM extension: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. However, the Developer License already includes the Silver license level, while the White Label already includes the Gold license level.

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Target Market

WP-Client with Project Management Extension is ideal for users with WordPress websites also requiring client portals and online project management tools.

Supported Languages

English, but users can download translation files for all available languages. The translation files are constantly updated, and a new build of the ZIP file is provided every week.

Some of their Clients

No information is available.

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Howard described WP-Client as the most well-documented and best executed plugin that he has ever had the privilege to use.

Damian stated that they were using the plugin to post invoices and project results with easy-to-modify colors and logos that matched their websites and made them look more professional. Their clients also liked how they were able to securely access information at any time.

Why WP-Client

WP-Client is very flexible and able to deliver a wide range of web portal function. It is feature-rich, with many extensions included for free such as estimates, invoicing, feedback wizard, login logs, private registration and more. It is actively being developed by an expert team of developers. It has good documentation and a responsive support team. It has affordable premium packages and offers 100 percent money back guarantee.

Company Info

There is very little information about the company on the site of WP-Client or Web Portal HQ.

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Jose Maria Delos Santos

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  1. Good Day…I am thinking deploying this project management software for summer leadership academy where I am the program manager. We will several thousand applicants per year and will need to have a log portal for uploads and downloads for individual student folders. One of my concerns is that they do offer ANY phone support. After paying the fees and installing the plugin, I would only be able to create service tickets for their team to respond electronically. Is this normal for this industry?

    • Hello, we have been installing and customizing WordPress sites for more than 10 years. It is not uncommon to find powerful, influential custom plugins created by a single individual or small teams. Most often support is via email, message forums, onsite chat and increasingly via Facebook groups. There are many great plugins original launched by entrepreneurial coders who built great businesses from a single plugin, WP Job Manager and WP Robot are two great examples.

  2. Bobby Lopez says:

    Por favor HELP! I need someone who is willing to fix a WP Client installation and train me on maintaining it properly.

  3. Conrad says:

    Hi Jose,
    thanks for great post. Searching for some information about the developer of wp-client. Nothing found in the web. Do you have more information in the mean time?
    Also there is no information about performance. I have tested homepage of wp-client.com and got horrible speed results. Did you check a site with wp-client integration? In this context do you suggest to implement plugin in special customer-area-subdomain?

    Thanks for reply,

  4. Richard J Cooper says:

    Hello I am looking at this solutions is there anyone I can speak with or email about this solution?

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