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WP-Client is a premium WordPress plugin that provides a comprehensive web portal management solution. It is fully compatible with the latest WP version 4.9.6, and has been designed to easily integrate with existing WordPress website. It is highly customizable and includes many free and affordable extensions whose functions can be easily enabled or disabled. It is a secure, private portal with login created for each client and several control permissions and defined roles for selective and safe information access. Most importantly, it has a project management extension.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Powerful Client Portal Core Features – WP-Client has a core plugin that is full of features. Users can easily create private and secure portals with unique permissions to particular clients in seconds. It has a full-featured Estimates and Invoicing extension complete with online payment capability. It allows for secure upload and download of files. It is simple to add clients, collect custom data, import existing clients, or allow clients to register themselves. Users can organize their clients into Circles, and then use those groupings to assign permissions. Other features include assigning client managers, option to require payment for access of portal, assign expiring credentials, show/hide content based on client or circle, file management and categorization, and more.
  • Project Management Extension – The WordPress plugin has a premium Project Management Extension that is designed to let users organize their work, coordinate easily with teams, and track time spent on tasks and/or projects. They can easily create projects for existing clients, and with resources and information collated and centralized in a single interface, it will be easy to manage a project from one location. Teams can be created composed by teammates, project managers and freelancers, and assign them to projects. A My Tasks feature allow each member of the team to focus on their assignments. Team members can share files and communicate via Team Talk. Other features include subtasks, milestones, project archiving, activity stream, workload management, custom user roles, and more. All these features from a PM solution without monthly fees.
  • More Extensions – WP-Client has other extensions, some of them already included in the core installation. Extensions include for estimate and invoicing, feedback wizard, login logs, paid registration, private post types, and time limited clients. Premium extensions for project management, SMS/text messaging, and white label are also available. Extensions that can be added on to any license level include Shutter for photo gallery and proofing, advanced membership site, Newsletters for automated email campaigns and auto-responder, Support Ticket for help desk, Form Builder, and Payment Gateways Bundle. A bonus plugin called WP Master Admin is also available.

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WP-Client offers four paid plans. The Basic plan is priced at $59 one-time licensing fee, with free updates for 1 year, and $20 per year for continued support and updates. It includes 1 URL for use, with unlimited clients, managers, and invoices. The Plus plan is priced at $119 one-time fee, and includes for 5 URLs. The Developer plan at $199 one-time fee already includes the Silver Project Management Extension plan, while the White Label plan at $349 already includes the Gold Project Management Extension plan. Basic and Plus plans without the Project Management Extension can be augmented by purchasing the extension separately. Bronze plan is at $59 and includes for up to 5 projects, 5 managers, and 10 teammates. The Silver plan is at $99, with up to 20 projects, 15 managers, and 25 teammates. Gold plan is at $149 and Platinum is at $199.

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Target Market

WP-Client with Project Management Extension is ideal for users with WordPress websites also requiring client portals and online project management tools.

Supported Languages

English, but users can download translation files for all available languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients include American Ring Travel, Ascend Sportswear, Bright Future Financial, Consilium Careers, EC Power, Genus Event Solutions, Georgia State University, Hearst Media Services, Hospitality Professionals, Metrolina Greenhouses, MSK Construction, Prototype Sports Performance, Rouse Performance, SCF, Synovation Medical Group, True North Sports and Entertainment, and United Health Centre.

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Sherri stated that she was looking for a plugin with the exact functionality of WP-Client for so long. She really likes its whole concept, which she said makes everything flexible and integration a snap.

Ilka highly recommends the WordPress client plugin, with its fantastic support team. She described them as very professional and patient, who explained everything to her in detail.

Why WP-Client

WP-Client is very flexible and able to deliver a wide range of web portal function. It is feature-rich, with many extensions included for free. It is actively being developed by an expert team of developers, with good documentation and a responsive support team. It has affordable premium packages and offers 100 percent money back guarantee.

Company Info

Web Portal HQ was launched in 2010. It is committed in providing a top-notch product that seeks to serve businesses of all sizes around the world. The product is in continual development. The development team intends to work towards its goals for many years, with the commitment to create long-term, trusting relationship with its customers.

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Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for Project-Management.com and Bridge24. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry.

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  1. Good Day…I am thinking deploying this project management software for summer leadership academy where I am the program manager. We will several thousand applicants per year and will need to have a log portal for uploads and downloads for individual student folders. One of my concerns is that they do offer ANY phone support. After paying the fees and installing the plugin, I would only be able to create service tickets for their team to respond electronically. Is this normal for this industry?

    • Hello, we have been installing and customizing WordPress sites for more than 10 years. It is not uncommon to find powerful, influential custom plugins created by a single individual or small teams. Most often support is via email, message forums, onsite chat and increasingly via Facebook groups. There are many great plugins original launched by entrepreneurial coders who built great businesses from a single plugin, WP Job Manager and WP Robot are two great examples.

  2. Bobby Lopez says:

    Por favor HELP! I need someone who is willing to fix a WP Client installation and train me on maintaining it properly.

  3. Conrad says:

    Hi Jose,
    thanks for great post. Searching for some information about the developer of wp-client. Nothing found in the web. Do you have more information in the mean time?
    Also there is no information about performance. I have tested homepage of wp-client.com and got horrible speed results. Did you check a site with wp-client integration? In this context do you suggest to implement plugin in special customer-area-subdomain?

    Thanks for reply,

  4. Richard J Cooper says:

    Hello I am looking at this solutions is there anyone I can speak with or email about this solution?

  5. My name is Michael Penner. I own flextechmedia.com in Loveland, Colorado, and have used Wp-Client Pro for about five years. Twice I asked them if their plugin would continue operating if access to their licensing server ever became a problem. I was thinking about a situation where their licensing server malfunctioned. They assured me it would continue to operate. It was a lie by omission. Sure it will work, just don’t deactivate the plugin during maintenance or, even if your license is still valid, it won’t work if the licensing server chokes during reactivation of the plugin. Months later this plugin cannot be updated because of…wait for it…a screw up on their end with the licensing server. If anything goes wrong now and the plugin gets deactivated, that’s it for the website running it. If I try and update the plugin, this requires reactivation. That fails, and all related workflows collapse. Their support team has ignored repeated requests for help. Stone silent. I have captured their promises, which they put in writing and violated. I will be posting these threads on my own site in a plugin warning review so people can see their customer service philosophy in action. Their own words, their own promises broken. I stand by these claims. I even gave them access to staging sites where they can troubleshoot the problem. Leased code is only as good as the people that support it. Avoid this plugin. I have to retool several websites now to use another approach. It will take about 40 hours to reconfigure, and I cannot bill for it because this is not my clients’ fault. Damage to my reputation, damage to my bottom line. Not worth it. in fact, any code lease situation like this will now be met with a very suspicious eye. If it needs a licensing server to become operational it is sticking the integrator like me with a huge problem when that fails and support does not care. Feel free to contact me if in doubt.

  6. karinsheets says:

    Like Michael, I have been having problems, too. I have been using WP-Client for one of my clients for 5 years. My client purchased the lifetime licensing and support, but their license was deactivated out of the blue on January 1. When I dug into it, it looked like they deactivated the license because I hadn’t paid the annual fee (as I previously stated, I paid for lifetime license and support). Because their support takes FOREVER to return emails (if ever), and my client’s site was unusable, I paid for a new license to get my client up and running. Went I finally heard back from WP-Client they said they would credit me. After numerous emails they finally claimed to have credit my AMEX. They never did. I am now filing a dispute with AMEX and looking for a new program. They are really terrible to work with.

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