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WorkSaviWorkSavi is an online task, project, and project portfolio management platform for teams and businesses in a wide range of industries including property and construction sectors. It enables companies to manage tasks, projects, programs, and portfolios individually and collectively using a single tool and provides teams with a collaborative platform for status updates and real-time reports. Users get a clear overview as well as up-to-date details across teams and projects, so they get the information and business insights they need to help make timely decisions.

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WorkSavi : Features and Strengths

Task Management

WorkSavi provides the tools and features to help teams manage the progress, schedules, and budgets of individual tasks. Users are able to quickly identify potential problems so they can address the issues before it causes delays or cost overruns. An intuitive interface gives teams visibility into, and awareness of, how individual tasks can affect overall project progress. Its Kanban-style boards provide dynamic task management capabilities with drag-and-drop control. Users can quickly build to-do lists for individual team members and create new tasks for assignments. They can also organize teams, tasks, and projects to suit unique or preferred ways of working. The software automatically generates notifications for crucial deadlines and milestones. WorkSavi

Project Management

WorkSavi gives project managers a clear view of all activities across projects. They can identify risks and opportunities, spot bottlenecks, and make real-time adjustments. The online platform enables users to optimize remote team setups, budgets, resources, and project performance from any location. The project management software helps simplify the management of multiple projects in real time. Tools like Gantt charts, project trackers, custom dashboards, and resource management let project managers fine-tune schedules, provide information, and maintain communication among teams so they can accomplish tasks and deliver projects on time. Users can track progress at a high program level, at the project level, and down to a detailed task level.

Construction Management, Capital PM, PPM, and More

WorkSavi enables businesses to effectively manage costs of construction projects. Users can create work packages for similar projects, create detailed estimates, and monitor actual spending against forecasts. They can create forms to import common work packages or start fresh using a suite of cost management tools like formulas, aggregated fields, cost variance tracking, and integration with operational and financial programs. The online platform lets users manage, plan, and coordinate long-term capital projects with complete visibility and status updates using a single intuitive interface. Project portfolio management features enable businesses to manage capital projects across their property portfolio. Other features include a database builder for estates and assets, data analysis and reports, dashboards, cost forecasts, and integration with Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

WorkSavi Pricing

WorkSavi pricing is available in several plans depending on a company’s need for advanced features. A 30-day free trial is available for all plans. The Teams plan at £15 /user/month is ideal for remote team collaboration. It includes unlimited projects, Gantt chart, dependencies, forecasting, resource calendar, Kanban boards, custom dashboards, custom fields, and project sharing. The Project plan at £29 /user/month includes all Teams features with the addition of advanced tools like project portfolio management, cross-project dependencies, and critical path, among others. The Portfolio plan at £59 /user/month includes all Project features with property & project portfolio management, multiple property & asset databases, unlimited forms, and property analysis. A custom Enterprise plan is also offered. WorkSavi Back to top

Who Uses WorkSavi?

WorkSavi is for businesses of all sizes in need of a solution for task management, project management, construction management, and capital project management. Customers include Dignity plc, WHSmith, Marks & Spencer, CBES, the TAG Company, and many others. Back to top

WorkSavi Supported Language

WorkSavi supports English only at the moment. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Case Studies

Amira Hasanah Zulail is an HR officer for a large retail enterprise in Malaysia. She and her team were using an overly complex project management system. They needed another solution that could help them track projects better and make collaboration easier. The team tried WorkSavi, utilizing its 30-day free trial. With WorkSavi, Amira’s team can now collaborate remotely on projects without difficulty. Its Gantt chart tool also allows them to track projects easily. Mark B. is a Director for a design agency. The company was looking for a project management solution that would streamline its day-to-day PM process and workflow. Mark’s team tested several project management solutions but eventually chose WorkSavi. Among the products they tested, WorkSavi is the one that allows them to include more details and also allows the management of multiple projects within a program. The team likes how easy it is to add resources to projects and manage them across programs. Back to top

Why Choose WorkSavi?

WorkSavi provides a unified collaborative platform that gives users visibility into their portfolios, programs, and projects. It also has the needed controls and customization to help users keep work on track while reducing admin work. Its combination of an intuitive interface, advanced project management features, smart tracking, data analysis, and visual reports enable companies to be more efficient, optimized, and profitable with their projects. Back to top

Company Info

WorkSavi Ltd is a software company based in London. It was founded in 2020 by the team of executives, program managers, and product managers from FOUR Group, a multi-disciplinary company in the construction and property sector. The team wanted to combine collaborative tools and various methods of working with real-time data and analytics in a single, strategic, and accessible online platform. This resulted in WorkSavi.

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