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WorkflowMax is an online workflow and job management software that help businesses run in an efficient way. It is an integrated job and project management platform that includes tools and features for getting more customers up to getting paid faster and growing the company. Finding efficiencies in one’s business is greatly desired but easier said than done. With WorkflowMax, users are able to manage multiple projects for multiple clients. Furthermore, the modern cloud platform enables users to track data across the project lifecycle in real-time, getting accurate information update all the time.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Customer Management ‚Äì WorkflowMax workflow and job management software is a comprehensive platform that enables users to manage their business from start to end. It has leads management that tracks leads, proposals and sales pipeline visually from a dashboard. Users can also track how their sales staff are performing. It also has a powerful quote management system for creating quotes and revising them quickly. Templates are also available for common jobs. The client manager feature allows users to view all client information and details from one screen. It is also easy to search client information, prospects or archived data.
  • Job and Project Management ‚Äì This online software has a job management and resource scheduling feature that provides users the information of who is doing what, when, how and why. They can see due dates, overdue, percent complete, and more. Job information such as notes, emails, and documents are all in one place. It has an important dates screen, notification by email, and work allocation screen. Other features include time tracking and timesheets, job costing and profitability at a glance, tracking and managing purchase orders, and document management with version control and file sharing regardless of size.
  • Invoicing, Reporting, Integrations, Customization, and more ‚Äì WorkflowMax’s invoicing feature is flexible and gives the user control in how it looks and what is included. It can compute on different costs such as actual time and costs, estimated/quoted costs, percentage of quoted value, or progress amount. Users can use custom rates and integrate easily with Xero software. Reporting tools enable users to easily generate performance reports, timesheet reports, invoicing reports or create their own custom reports. They can also use custom fields. A collaboration manager allows private and secure logins for staff, customers and contractors. Other features include email integration, integration with over 30 add-ons from third party apps, and native apps for iOS and Android devices.

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WorkflowMax offers several flexible monthly plans that include all features. Each plan is priced depending on the number of users. For example, the paid plan for 1 user only is at $15 per month. For 2 to 5 users, the plan is $49 per month. The Lead Manager (CRM module) is priced at an additional $15 per month. A free 14-day trial is also offered.

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Target Market

WorkflowMax is ideal for creative agencies, architects, building and construction professionals, business consultants, engineers, surveyors, IT professionals and consultants. It is valuable for business owners, project managers, and team leaders to manage staff, contractors, vendors and clients, across industries.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Candyspace, Greengage, GW Architect, Steelcraft, Rotaret, Conquest Solutions, Blirt, SA Construct, and Hydronumerics.

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Nick Stilwell stated that with WorkflowMax, they are able to get back to a lead within a week, set reminders so they can send out proposals on time.

Aaron Jacobson stated that he loved the transparency and visibility of time tracking in the software. He can easily see if jobs are completed ahead of time. Having that visibility across all the jobs he is managing is really helpful.

Ian Morris stated that the software gives him control of costs. Also, they are able to get paid accurately for the work they do.

Why WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax provides a complete solution of business tools that work seamlessly together. Data is entered only once, but is available across modules, providing instant visibility and comprehensive business insight. Also, an integrated software is easier to learn and more scalable for growth. It is better than having multiple specialized tools that need more time to learn and effort to maintain.

Company Info

WorkflowMax was an Auckland, NZ-based company that was acquired by Xero, an online accounting, invoicing, billing and banking software, also an NZ (Wellington-based) company in 2012. It is now labeled as a Xero product. The parent company was founded in 2006 and went public in 2007. It is a global leader in online accounting software with more than 300,000 paying customers distributed over 100 countries. It has received more than $240 million in funding. The accounting industry and the business community, such as the CPA Practice Advisor, Accounting Today, The Sleeter Group, and Barlow Research, have bestowed awards to the company for providing beautifully designed and easy-to-use accounting solutions.

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