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Overview Presentation

workbook_logoWorkBook is a suite of applications delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). It is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM), project management and financial management system. Users can monitor sales opportunities, track employee time used on tasks, plan capacity and resources, and bill their clients using one system. It is a modular productivity tool that can replace several separate systems but flexible enough to let the user decide which modules to include.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • CRM and Sales Pipeline Monitoring – The CRM and Pipeline features come from three modules. These modules can give a sales pipeline forecasting and the related cash flow of the company in the next 12 months. What the user sees is not limited to the potential business, but also include the value of ongoing projects. Adding and organizing client prospects and contact information is made easy. Once added, users can exchange emails and share files from the application, with import and syncing capabilities with MS Outlook and others.
  • Project and Resource Management – The Project and Resources features are made possible through 17 modules including Project and task creation module, Resource planning and to-do list module, and Time and Material entry module. Once an opportunity becomes a project, tasks can easily be added and assigned to available resources. Also, the number of hours to complete tasks and the number of hours that employees are free to allocate are easily seen to keep the project on time and within budget, without overworking resources. A client portal and a centralized location for project briefing allow easy collaboration and access to information.
  • Financial and Accounting Management – The Financial and Accounting features are brought about by 13 modules such as AR due payment reminder module, AP payment proposal module, and Report writer module. Because of the tight integration of sales, PM, and time entry functions, it is easy to know what the company’s receivables and payables are at any given time. It takes into account work-in-progress (WIP) figures and all kinds of costs, including operational costs. It has 300 built-in reports with the option to add more or to integrate with other systems such as SAP.


WorkBook has two kinds of users in its pricing plan. A Basic User is any team member with access only to timesheet, task list, expense and mileage. Basic users have a general read access only. An Advanced User has access to all modules within the selected plan. They have read, write, and edit access. These can be project managers, administrators, or other account executives. The price for Basic User subscription is always $19, while the price for Advanced User subscription depends on the plan. For example, the Starter Plan has about five modules, the Project Plan has an additional six on top of the Starter Plan, and so on.

Workbook Pricing

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Target Market

WorkBook was conceptualized while the founder was working in an advertising agency. It is no surprise that most of its clients come from advertising and design agencies, communication and PR firms, and digital and web companies. However, it has become popular also with consulting companies, architects, and consulting engineers. The software can accommodate any size of business, but is best suited for companies that sell professional services.

Supported Languages

The software supports English and Danish as well as Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, German, Polish, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Veritas Communications, JWT Advertising, Happy&Co, McCann Worldgroup Copenhagen, GEHL Architects, Republica, DDB, BBDO, Bates Y&R, and Havas Advertising.


After Veritas chose cloud-based WorkBook for a PM system, Raymond Siu, CFO, stated that they look forward to the gains in efficiency from the software. It helped brought greater transparency in the approval of time and expenses and project billing.

GEHL Architects have used the software since 2008. According to Anders Bendtsen, finance manager, in no way have they regretted choosing WorkBook. “The system is uncluttered and user friendly. The implementation was easy and painless.”

McCann Copenhagen has used the software since 2001. They used it for resource management, workflow, and scheduling, among other things. Heidi Clevin, account director, describes it as flexible and customizable, “a really good and thorough system that can do everything.”

Why WorkBook

Advertising and communication agencies can find in WorkBook a software especially built for their line of business. However, any company in the business of selling professional services that charges for time will find the integration of sales, project management, and financials and accounting a very attractive and efficient solution. A modular and affordable mini ERP, it seems, has just become available to anybody.

Company Info

WorkBook Software A/S is a privately owned company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 2001 by its current CEO Niels Heimburger. It is currently owned by four partners including Heimburger. Today, it has a market share of 70 percent in the marketing and communications sector in Denmark. It has customers in United States, Canada, Australia, UAE, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russia, England, Vietnam and Bangladesh. It is committed to offer quality products and services that will be affordable, reliable, and best in its class in terms of value for money.

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  1. Boris Cigler says:

    I had the opportunity to try and meet with people from WorkBook in their office in Copenhagen in May 2016. I was immensely disappointed that I found out that they falsely advertise for lead generation purposes which I pointed out to their COO and also via Twitter in June 2016. In their communications they overstate the functionalities of their finance module saying that it can serve multi-location offices which in the end turned out not to be true. When I confronted them with this they remained silent thinking the silent treatment is a way to handle CX. So, aside of the great functionalities that they do have, be wary of the specifics and get to every single detail.

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