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Overview Presentation

WorkBook is an agency management software built specifically for agencies and in-house teams. It is an integrated solution with project management, resource management, and financial management features to help boost productivity and revenue. It is a smart and intuitive software that streamlines an agency’s project and financial management processes to provide total visibility and insight to become more efficient, productive and profitable.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • CRM and Pipeline MonitoringWorkBook helps its users manage customer relationships, build a healthy pipeline, and provide insight to identify the right opportunities. It centralizes team and client communications by allowing users to save important emails and documents to the right client and pipeline. They can stay connected to the team from anywhere with the native iOS and Android mobile collaboration apps, and can even add a client portal to centralize communications and reduce email. They can easily enter prospects and manage clients and activities. Calendar and email integration sync contacts and emails from Google and Outlook. Automated reminders help schedule activities and assign follow-up tasks. Other features include leads and pipeline management, such as assigning probabilities and weighted revenue to pipelines, converting a pipeline to a job, importing lead data via an open API, and turning insight into action with historical project data.
  • Resourcing, Project Management and Collaboration – The agency management software enables users to manage project planning, resource allocation, and cost control, while giving foresight to spot potential problems. They can collaborate easily with the team and the client by centralizing communication through file sharing and feedback within the task or project. Instant notifications help them be more proactive. Centralized communication also streamlines the review and approval process. Users manage tasks and projects with flexible tools like Kanban and scrum boards. They can easily submit time when a task is finished, or adjust timelines and tasks, at the same time alerting team members when priorities change. Other features allow users to control costs and manage budgets, as well as allocate resources and optimize employee utilization.
  • Finance and Accounting – WorkBook simplifies agency finance by integrating all their operations and sharing real-time data from end-to-end. The tool connects all the operational processes and provides the users accurate real-time project and financial data. They have full control of accounts receivables and accounts payables by allowing users to post costs to the correct client or project. They can schedule reminders and notifications when payments are due or need approval. The software integrates banking information to pay vendors and reconcile transactions automatically. Billing can be scheduled and invoices sent automatically with the Subscription Billing module. It enables users to forecast accurate cash flow, estimate net revenue in advance, and set up approval workflows. Other features include a simplified data entry and global compliance with customizable chart of accounts, GL import templates, multiple currencies, tax/VAT rules across different countries, and more. It also has more than 300 built-in reports, with multiple filtering and sorting options. The open API integrates with SAP, Gmail and Calendar, Outlook, OneDrive, MS Business Solutions, ActiveCampaign, MagPeople, DeepDive, SAP, and more.


WorkBook offers 2 plans. The Basic plan starts at $19 per user per month. Basic plan users have access to the to-do list, timesheet, and general read access to customer and job information. The Advance plan starts at $24 per user per month, and includes access to all features with the option to modify access roles. Additional modules are available, such as Calendar and Email integration, CRM and Pipeline Management, Price Quotes, Client Portal, and others.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

WorkBook is ideal for creative agencies, professional services, consulting companies, and other project-based businesses. It can accommodate any size of business, and is more attractive to medium to large companies.

Supported Languages

Supports English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Ogilvy, Veritas Communications, We Are Social, Making Waves, and TMP Worldwide.


Rob Hill stated that WorkBook enables them to work in a way that puts more of their real brainpower in front of their clients rather than in front of administrative tasks that slow them down. It helps them reduce the complexity of their business by spending less time on admin tasks and more time being creative.

Ray Siu stated that the agency management software helps their PR company gain greater transparency and better visibility and approval of time and expenses, as well as project billing. He described their implementation as an exciting development for the company, and they are looking forward to the gains in efficiency and the rapid implementation of a cloud-based, industry-specific solution.

Why WorkBook

WorkBook is an integrated end-to-end business tool, and therefore can provide accurate, real-time data in every stage of the business, every phase of the project. The resulting visibility in the agency’s performance provides insight to help users make informed and impactful decisions. Consolidated communication and technology streamlines work processes, and the built-in collaboration tools improve efficiency.

Company Info

WorkBook was a privately owned company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 2000 by Niels Heimburger. It is one of the most widely used management tools in the advertising industry. As a premier global software provider for project-driven agencies in the creative industry, it gives its users the tools they need to focus on their clients . In September 2017, Deltek announced that it has acquired WorkBook. Deltek is an enterprise software and information solutions provider for professional services firms and government contractors. It was founded in 1983 in Herndon, VA, USA. Deltek and WorkBook now provides solutions, services, and capabilities to its combined global customer base in the creative industry.

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  1. Avatar Boris Cigler says:

    I had the opportunity to try and meet with people from WorkBook in their office in Copenhagen in May 2016. I was immensely disappointed that I found out that they falsely advertise for lead generation purposes which I pointed out to their COO and also via Twitter in June 2016. In their communications they overstate the functionalities of their finance module saying that it can serve multi-location offices which in the end turned out not to be true. When I confronted them with this they remained silent thinking the silent treatment is a way to handle CX. So, aside of the great functionalities that they do have, be wary of the specifics and get to every single detail.

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