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wiggio logoOverview Presentation

Wiggio is an online group collaboration software that makes it easy for everyone to communicate and share files in one central place. The software was initially designed for students, but it allows different types of groups such as study groups, project teams, and sports clubs, among others, to collaborate using a single and simple solution. Within it, multiple channels of communication are available such as email, text, and voice messaging that can be sent en masse to all group members. The least tech-savvy users will not be intimidated to use it.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Virtual meetings, conference calls, and calendar sharing – Wiggio is web-based, so no software needs to be installed for the group to have an online meeting or conference call. Attendees can share a presentation, or document or have a brainstorming session using an online whiteboard. Communication can be via video, audio or chat. The group can schedule together their common events, meetings, due dates, or practice sessions. They can set an automated email or SMS reminder or print the calendar. The group calendar can also sync with other calendar programs.
  • To-do lists, task assignments, and real-time polling – Users can easily create a to-do list and assign it to the whole group or individuals. Due dates can be set and monitored through the to-do list thread. Users who receive assignments will receive reminders. When questions need to be answered or issues need to be solved by the group, a real-time poll can be made to get a quick consensus. Invitations are sent, number of questions can be defined, and results can be shown or hidden to the group.
  • Multi-channel communication and document management – Wiggio gives the user different ways to send messages such as by email, text, or voice message to the whole group or to one member. Making announcements has never been easier. Users can create folders to organize their documents online. They can upload, share, edit, and download wherever they are simply by accessing the website.


Wiggio group collaboration software is free.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Wiggio online group collaboration is suitable for all types of groups such as project teams, study groups, clubs, committees, academic groups, small businesses, office departments, political movements, scouting troops, non-profit organizations, social groups, and sports teams.

Supported Languages


Some of their Clients

Wiggio online group collaboration software is used mostly by individuals and groups rather than corporate entities or enterprises. However, some of these groups belong to large businesses. At present, it has registered over 100,000 groups and 1.1 million users.


Bob D., a small business manager, stated that other task management tools they have tried in the past were too complicated. In Wiggio, he assigns tasks to people, track their progress, and even syncs to their calendars.

Ralph C. who is in charge of operations, described the group collaboration software as a great tool to communicate with departments or project teams. By creating an email address for a group, the members just send email or text messages to that address and the messages get properly and quickly distributed to the recipients, with the bonus of being archived within the system.

Steve S, a Sales Manager, stated that he cannot believe that companies are still paying for similar applications wherein Wiggio offers all the functionality for free.

Why Wiggio

Wiggio online group collaboration software is a free alternative that is more efficient than email and more effective than using multiple productivity tools with singular functionality. It is tested on 4th graders to ensure its ease of use, but also has great features that are usually available only from expensive commercial software.

Company Info

Wiggio is a Boston, Massachusetts company that was founded in 2008. They launched the public beta in September 2008. Founders Dana Lampert, and brothers Rob and Derek Doyle, received an initial investment of $450k from Bob Doyle. At the end of 2009, it came out of public beta with 45,000 users, mostly students and faculty members. It received $2.1M investment from New Atlantic Ventures in 2010, with a user base of 350,000. In April 2012, it hit 1 million users. Desire2Learn, an Ontario-based online learning platform company acquired Wiggio in March 2013 for an undisclosed amount. Former Wiggio CEO and now Director of Engineering Lampert is delighted to be able to help the learning community and have a greater impact as a member of the Desire2Learn family.

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