Which Training Institute to Choose For PMI®-ACP Agile Certification

Which Training Institute to Choose For PMI-ACP Agile CertificationAnyone can get a PMI®-ACP Agile Certification but not from any institution. Unless an education provider has been reviewed and approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI), they cannot provide credible project management training. Registration under PMI means that the educator abides by established criteria for quality assurance. This is a control that protects learners from getting low quality education that does not prepare them adequately for the needs of the market.

The Certification Process

Membership of PMI

While it is possible to get your PMI®-ACP Agile Certification without being a member of PMI, membership offers benefits such as lower fees for exams. It is therefore not mandatory for project managers to be members of PMI during their course of the career. If a learner chooses to not be a member, they will be required to take the PMI®-ACP exam preparation course which involves 21 contact hours. There is no set timeline for finishing this training so it is up to the learner to manage their training provided they have 21 hours at the end of that period. For members of PMI, the exam prep course is part of the benefits of being a member and assistance will be offered on how to cover that requirement effectively.

The Exam Process

The application to be a member needs to go under a review period of 3 to 5 days after which an acceptance or reject notification will be sent. It is only after an approval notice that the exam fee will be paid and scheduled. Unlike the preparation period, there is a time frame during which the exam should be taken. During the period of one year after approval for taking the exam has been granted, a learner may attempt the exams for up to 3 times. Choosing an exam center should be doe according to the preferences and convenience of the learner and this is important because it avoids issues of delay and missed exams.

The PMI-ACP Exam comprises of 120 questions that should be completed within a period of 3 hours. This paper is supposed to test the learner’s knowledge of Agile Tools & Techniques as well as Agile Knowledge & Skills. Passing this exam means that you have certification valid for three years but can be renewed after this time elapses.

Agile Certification Requirements

To be eligible for the PMI®-ACP Agile Certification, candidates must have general project experience and a total of 2000 hours experience on project teams which must have been within the last 5 years at the time of application. Having an active PMP® or PgMP® certification helps to fulfill this requirement.

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