What is the ideal age to have a PMP? Too young or too old?

Knowing PMP

Let us know first what PMP is before the discussion goes any further. PMP or Project Management Professional is a designation of professionals recognized internationally that is being offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). One cannot take the PMP certification without meeting the qualifications which is usually taken via online course.

Is there an age requirement in getting the PMP Certification?

The answer to this is partly yes because one cannot take the certification without a project management experience which comes with age. According to PMP Certification Requirements, an applicant with a bachelor’s degree must have a 3- year minimum experience in professional project management and 4,500 to 7,500 hours time spent on directing and leading projects. Given that, if one graduated at the age of 23 and has met the said requirement, the ideal age to take the certification would be 27-30.

If eligibilities are to be met for PMP Certification, how old is too young to be a pass taker?

For example, one applicant is a high school diploma holder and meets the qualification. His eligibility towards the requirement increases. He needs to have an overall 5 years project work experience, plus 7,500 hours. Therefore, one could pass the certification at 23 years old, given that he graduates high school at 18 and starts project management at the same time.

After meeting the eligibilities for PMP at the 20s, can one say that this age bracket is the most ideal? Let us see the 5 benefits of having the PMP at the 20s:

1. It opens doors to opportunities.

One’s eligibilities already speak of a person’s calibre as a project manager, even before he applies for the PMP Certification. The PMP certification is a Gold standard, not all can achieve.

2. If one holds a PMP Certification at the 20s, an increase of as much as 23% will be earned

Who does not want to earn more? If one is in his 20s and is PMP-certified, imagine how much he is worth in his 50s? In the pharmaceutical industry, one can make $125,000 in the USA. While in Canada, one can earn up to $115,000 in the Agriculture and Mining. This is one of the best benefits that PMP Certification can give to someone who works for it.

3. Gaining more clients

One is more credible to clients when they know a project manager holds a PMP certification. There is an instant respect given, knowing that they speak the same language and jargons of PMI.

4. Getting informed about the project management profession

Another good benefit that one can have from PMP Certification is being aware of the latest processes and changes in the profession of project management. This means that they are among the elites who are on top of this business. So learning all these processes in the 20s will greatly contribute to the advancement of one’s career.

5. The success of a project is likely achievable With the trainings and experiences through PMP Certification, one can be confident in his success for a project. There will always be room for improvement, but given the calibre that one has shown in his 20s, success will not be too hard to get.

The more a person ages, the wiser he gets. Can this be true for PMP Certification takers at 50s?


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