What Is PRINCE2 Agile and Who Can It Help?

A lot of project managers already know all about PRINCE2 training and certification, while they may be aware that Agile is a different approach that is often viewed as being pretty much the opposite of PRINCE2.

Yet, not everyone is aware of PRINCE2 Agile and of how this could be a big help to them in running projects from now on. So, what is it and who could it help in their search for a more rewarding project management career?

What Is PRINCE2 Agile?

This is a relatively new addition to the range of project management certifications offered by Axelos. As the name suggests, PRINCE2 Agile is a mixture between the clearly defined approach that PRINCE2 provides and the flexible methods that Agile is renowned for.

Therefore, the overall idea is that this gives project managers the best of both worlds. Axelos call it the “world’s most complete agile project management solution ” on their own site.

The project management techniques covered here can be used effectively in any type of company and industry. It was first released in June 2015 and has proved to be a huge success, with many project managers taking advantage of the opportunity to add this qualification to their CVs.

What Does It Involve?

PRINCE2 Agile takes the form of an exam that you need to study for, and that result in a formal certification once you are successful.

With this certification on your CV, you can immediately show to employers that you are fully capable in this area. The main abilities that are learned on PRINCE2 Agile training courses are as follows; hitting deadlines on time, maintaining a high level of quality, adapting to change and embracing it, maintaining stable project teams, managing stakeholder expectations.

Who Can Study PRINCE2 Agile?

This certification is aimed at project management professionals who already hold the PRINCE2 certification at practitioner level. No prior knowledge of Agile, or certification in this subject, is needed in order to take a PRINCE2 Agile training course.

The ideal type of candidate is someone who is experienced in running projects and who now wants to add another string to their bow. It may be that their company is bringing in Agile working methods or perhaps they simply want to gain a powerful new skill that could open up new career opportunities for them in the future.

Can PRINCE2 and Agile Really Work Together?

Naturally, some people worry that PRINCE2 and Agile are simply too different to be blended together in this way. The more formal approach of PRINCE2 does appear to be odds with the fluid style of Agile projects at first.

However, there are a number of areas that both already cross over in. Bearing this in mind, what PRINCE2 Agile aims to do is bring the two of them together in a way that lets organisations find tailored solutions that work for them without losing any of the control or structure in their projects.

How to Get Started

For most people, the ideal starting point is to arrange PRINCE2 Agile training in a convenient location. This will typically involve 3 days of training, with the exam taken at the end of this time, similar to the MSP Qualification for programme management.

By going on a solid, reputable training course you will learn everything that you need to know in order to pass the exam and add this certification to your CV without any fuss.

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