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Twproject is a versatile project management and time tracking software built for teams. This flexible platform can be installed on-premise or accessed via the cloud. Project progress tracking and team collaboration has never been easier. It is a comprehensive solution that enables users to bring together tasks, assignments, time tracking and many more smart features to provide useful and contextual project information. Completing the platform is an intuitive dashboard that provides insight and great user experience.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project Management, Interactive Gantt, and Document Management Twproject is a full-featured project management solution that is also simple and friendly to use. The latest 6.2 version allow users to have complete control over tasks, costs, and progress. It has a beautifully designed dashboard and a notification system to provide up-to-date project data. Users can easily add assignments, milestones and dependencies in the Gantt chart so they can identify critical path and avoid bottlenects. All files, whether  documents, graphics, images or reports can be centrally organized and located in one place. It has a powerful search and it supports versioning, file locking, authoring and integration with cloud storage apps.
  • Issue Tracking, Flexible Methodology Support, and Kanban Board – A built-in issue tracker enables users to organize issues, prioritize them, change severity, hold discussions and create assignments. Teams can collaborate on issues, bugs, ideas, or features and add comments, documents or links. The software supports complete customer request email loop, from receiving, processing, to responding back. Users can work the traditional waterfall method or agile methods such as scrum, kanban or XP. They can schedule issues in time or move them across using the Kanban board. Also, users can add issues wherever they are, on their desktop, portable computer or mobile device with HTML5 technology.
  • Team Management, Time Management, Mobile-ready and more – Twproject provides users instant view of the team’s workload and enables them to interactively change allocations with an Excel-like interface. Overloaded resources are easily identified through visual indicators. A dedicated forum for every project enables every member to share ideas, notes, links and others for immediate communication. Time is recorded in several different ways. Inserting a worklog in this latest version requires the minimum effort possible. Project worklog can be monitored in real-time allowing teams to save money and energy. Other features include an approval process and time reports. Version 6.2 rolls out a new mobile app with a brand new interface with the right balance of functionality and usability. It works across platforms, whether iOS, Android or Windows. Other features are introduced in the latest version such as My Inbox, login captcha, bulk operations and more.

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Twproject project management software offers cloud plans and on-premise server plans. The Cloud plans are divided according to the number of users. Small is for up to 10 users, Medium is up to 20, Large is up to 50, and Enterprise is 50+. When billed annually, customers can access the software at 8.5 euros per user per month.

The on-premise Server plans are also priced according to the number of users. More features are included as the plan gets higher. All plans include unlimited projects. Users can download an installer and generate a free trial license good for 15 days.

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Target Market

Twproject can be used both by SMBs and by larger enterprises across industries. Options for cloud and on-premise versions also provide users the choice for more rapid access and deployment or preference for greater control of data.

Supported Languages

It supports English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Chinese and Japanese.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Oracle, GE, Valtech, Boehringer Ingelheim, Enel, Canonical, Finmeccanica, Mavinci Autopilot, Deloitte, TEDx and Econocom. It is used in 50 different industries and across 57 countries.

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Credit Suisse: We are able to manage projects in a straightforward and intuitive way because of Twproject. We are in control from origination to project scheduling. The alert function allows us to update other members of the project team.

Fuziona: The time tracking functionality is fantastic. We are able to easily keep track of time in a non-intrusive way. Also, the timers follow users in however they work so entering time did not require additional effort.

Why Twproject

Twproject provides a comprehensive set of tools and features that provide greater project data control, team collaboration and cost management in one solution. A centralized platform for projects, communication and documents does not require additional apps switching that can be a distraction and consumes more time. Thus, users can focus on their business and get more work done.

Company Info

Twproject is a product of Open Lab, a privately held web development and design solutions company that was founded in 2001 and is based in Florence, Italy. A group of developers, designers, partners and collaborators headed by CEO Caterina Feroci make up the company which has remained financially solid through its paying corporate customers worldwide. It is focused on developing web applications and supplying quality design solutions. It also offers Twproject Gantt as a free online tool for creating Gantt charts.

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