Twproject 6.2 Announces Its Brand New Mobile App

Twproject is a web-based project management solution for teams, small businesses and enterprises. It is a flexible software that can be accessed via the cloud or deployed in customer premises. Users across industries and countries all over the world rely on it to manage projects, teams, issues and profitability. Recently, it rolled out a brand new mobile app as a response to customer feedback and requests. The latest version 6.2 now includes more features and improvements that make the PM software easier to use yet powerful in every situation.

Twproject 6.2 Mobile App

Twproject uses advanced technology that allows all kinds of devices to access its mobile application. With HTML5 technology, the app runs on all iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. This allows teams, companies and enterprises to access their Twproject at any place with an Internet connection. All they have to do is to navigate their device’s browser to their_twproject_address/mobile and add that page to their home. Thus, users can easily create tasks, add assignments, upload documents and do other tasks even when on the go.

Stay Organized and Up-to-Date

The brand new mobile app has been designed to be both powerful and usable for all customers. The right amount of compromise includes important functionality with ease of use to enable users have the exact same information they find in the desktop version. After a successful login, they see the dashboard that presents items requiring attention on top with a red line. From the dashboard, the user can easily open their tasks, issues, and milestones, among others.

Full-featured and Easy to Use

Twproject mobile app is full of features. It is also free to all customers of previous versions including those trying the software. All features are easily accessible. The menu icon at the top left of the screen is always available. Users can easily select the activity or page they want to go such as accessing their projects, issues, contacts, agenda and more. Also, they can add new items quickly and save them with the new add (+) button at the right side of the bottom bar. Users can also go back to the previous page with the back (<) button at the left side. These buttons are available on every list.

Track Time and Issues

Another handy feature especially while on the go is the ability to track time and issues. The brand new mobile app makes it easy to track the progress of tasks and projects, as well as manage issues. Users will be able to insert worklogs, close issues, and turn timers on with a few clicks. For version 6.2, the projects and issues page now include a swipe menu that allows users to easily insert worklogs or expenses.

Access Your Data Everywhere

Twproject continues to provide its thousands of users all over the world with the right tools that will help them access contacts, project documents, agenda, and more, in the most useful and practical way. Its mobile app is equally secure as the same security model of the desktop version is applied to it. To know more about the latest version, features and other announcements, visit Twproject on Facebook or Twitter.

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