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Trello Export Excel Suite is a free Chrome extension (powered by Bridge24) that enables users to easily export the cards of their Trello board into an Excel spreadsheet. There are many instances when people need to extract their project data from Trello. Presenting project information to stakeholders who do not use Trello, or during meetings outside the office are some of the situations when having project data in Excel or other spreadsheet program is more convenient. This can now be accomplished in one simple click. Chrome Webstore Link: Trello Export Excel Suite

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Powered by Bridge24 ‚Äì Trello Export Excel Suite extension is powered by Bridge24, the leading reporting and exporting application for Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and AceProject. With the same exporting engine under the hood, users can be confident that data exported from their Trello board into Excel are complete, accurate, and organized.
  • One-click Export ‚Äì The free Chrome extension export tool enables users to transfer to an xlsx file all important columns. They are able to export Card ID, Number, Card Name, Board, Description, List, Labels, Members, Due Date, Completed, Created Date, Last Updated At, and Card URL fields. All these data into an Excel spreadsheet file in just a click of a button, so more time can be spent on analysis than exporting.
  • Instantly Accessible ‚Äì After installing Trello Export Excel Suite, users simply need to refresh their browser, and the additional option will be displayed in Trello. To access the tool from the Trello board, simply go to Menu, select Share, Print, and Export, then choose the Export Excel Suite option.


Trello Export Excel Suite Chrome extension is free.

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Trello Export Excel Suite is for Trello users who need a simple and easy option to export their project data into Excel format. It works as a Chrome browser extension.

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The following are testimonials from Bridge24-Trello users, the same application that powers the exporting engine of Trello Export Excel Suite: Rinat N. prefers the connector and view of Bridge 24 better than Trello itself. Carlos J. stated that he now prefers to work in Bridge24 than in Trello. Richard C. shared that he found the exporting tool by searching the keywords Trello Excel export. After trying some other Power-Ups listed, he found that Bridge24 is the best product for exporting filtered data to Excel, the only one supporting custom fields that he knows of.

Why Trello Export Excel Suite

Trello Export Excel Suite is a free extension that works in Chrome browser. The less than 1MB software to be installed enables Trello users to have more options in accessing and presenting their project data in the more popular and familiar Excel format. It is a quick and easy way to share project information with other stakeholders and project partners, and they can open it with software that they are already using. But for greater flexibility and exporting control, we recommend using the full version of Bridge24 application. Read our Bridge24 Review.

Company Info

Trello Export Excel Suite is a product of Websystems, Inc., a privately held software development company based in Québec, QC, Canada. It was founded in 2001.

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