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Project management is a skill and, like any skill, you can hone it with practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to learn or an experienced professional, there’s always more to learn, and you can do so with courses from TechRepublic Academy. Whether you’re looking to develop foundational skills or are interested in picking up new tricks, TechRepublic Academy has something for you regardless of career stage or budget. Here are 10 project management courses from TechRepublic Academy that could transform your career today.

Agile Project Management Mastery Bundle

With eight courses included, the Agile Project Management Mastery Bundle is one of the most comprehensive items on our list. You will learn in-depth how to use the Scrum method and Jira. If you’re unfamiliar with Jira, you won’t be after this course. It’s a product from Atlassian meant for bug tracking and agile project management, and is used by over 65,000 companies worldwide. This bundle includes 272 lessons over eight courses. While that may sound overwhelming, it’s suitable for people of all experience levels. With lifetime access to the course materials after your purchase, you won’t have to rush to get through it all, either. Certificates of completion are available for each course in the bundle.

Project Management in One Hour

If you’re short on time, consider Project Management in One Hour from experienced project management professional William Stewart. As you may have guessed by its name, it’s only an hour long. You’ll learn essential concepts and definitions, including the difference between a project, process, and program, as well as the five stages of a successful project. This course is best for someone who already has an intermediate level of knowledge, and includes a certificate of completion.

Agile Project Management Training

Agile Project Management Training from Vision Training Systems comes in the form of 10 comprehensive modules throughout which you will develop a solid foundation in Agile project management. You will learn common Scrum terminology, learn how to use Agile outside of software development, and have the opportunity to explore case studies. Suitable for people of all experience levels, this course includes quizzes to help you test your knowledge as you go. A certificate of completion is not included, but with the skills developed during the course, you will be ready to tackle more advanced training.

The Accredited Project Management Bundle

The Accredited Project Management Bundle contains 85 hours of content covering everything you need to prepare for the Association for Project Management (APM) Project Fundamentals Qualification, including a practice test aligned directly with the APM syllabus. You will learn about the project lifecycle, planning, scheduling, risk management, quality management, and more. In addition to preparing you to take the qualification exam, this bundle can also count for up to 85 CPD/PDU points.

The Complete Project Management Bundle

The Complete Project Management Bundle includes 11 courses totaling almost 30 hours and covering everything from how to set up a project in Jira to how to streamline projects using Agile and Scrum. With lifetime access to the materials, you can learn at your own pace. The material in the bundle is suitable for beginners, but you will need admin access to Jira to complete some of the courses. You’ll receive a certificate of completion when you’re done.

Deeply Practical Project Management

Deeply Practical Project Management is another course from William Stewart, this one covering Project Management Institute best practices and how to apply them. The course is eight hours long and includes 207 total lectures on topics such as planning, scheduling, budgeting, and getting stakeholder buy-in. While taking this course, you will earn 16 PDUs as well as a certificate of completion. It’s ideal for busy professionals and anyone looking to learn the basics of project management because it’s quick, comprehensive, and covers the material from end to end.

The Ultimate Project Management Bundle

The Ultimate Project Management Bundle includes 46 hours of content over four courses. You will learn the essentials of Agile and Scrum before pivoting to cover Microsoft Project and Xero Projects. All four of the courses are CPD-accredited. This bundle is suitable for all experience levels and perfect for anyone looking to improve their project delivery. It may be of particular interest to business owners looking to stay competitive in increasingly saturated markets.

Project Management Institute Certification Training Bundle

Project management is a valuable skill to have in today’s workplace, and with the Project Management Institute Certification Training Bundle, you can become a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). While this bundle covers a lot of material, it’s suitable for all experience levels. There is a time limit, however. After purchase, you will have access to the material for one year. If you’re thinking of buying this bundle, make sure you have the time to dedicate to it.

The Agile Expert Project Management Bundle

The Agile Expert Project Management Bundle contains 53 hours of content and, as the name suggests, focuses on Agile project management. You’ll learn about quick development cycles while preparing for both the Agile Scrum Master exam and the Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner exam. Certificates of completion are included for each of the courses, whether you sit the exams or not. The material is suitable for all levels.

The Complete Jira Agile Project Management Course

If you’re still unsure whether a project management course is right for you, consider Complete Jira Agile Project Management. It only includes an hour of content, divided into 37 quick and engaging lectures. This course also offers hands-on experience using Jira by completing a web design project. This course is ideal for beginners, although you will need access to either the Jira server or the Jira cloud. When you finish the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You will also have a great base to build on as you move forward. Whether you’re looking to make a career change, boost your productivity, or simply interested in learning something new, be sure to check out these and other courses from TR Academy.

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